Travels 218: Natural perfection, Tukuran’s reassuring sunrise

Over the weekend, I went to Tukuran and spent overnight at the LGU Beach Resort (we paid 450php for a 5-double decked room good for 10 pax). While at the resort, I took the chance to see the beachfront, taking in what nature has to offer, cool sea breeze and the capturing beauty of the sea. Tukuran is one of the coastal municipalities of Zamboanga del Sur. Their beach is not of white sand but black ones. Nonetheless, it is a perfect weekend recharging station for a weary soul.

Waking up at 5.30 in the morning, I took Travey for a spin and took the best sunrise photo I had taken for my life being a photography enthusiast. For someone who had not formal schooling in photography, not even a crash course on it equipped me but I trusted my instincts and the blessings I received through which my lens speak of what beauty has to seen by many through which I also see them.

The early morning photowalk for me is one that reaps me experience that can last for a lifetime. Tukuran is 45 minutes away from Pagadian City and the first municipality that welcomes visitors from Cotabato City, it speaks well of its rich culture even from the time of the Spaniards.

The sunrise photowalk also gave me the best opportunity to commune with nature, talk to God, share my passion for travel blogging, and photography to the Father who moulded me after Himself and such gift is one that I hope can give you the inspiration you so seek.

When seeing the sunrise, I am reassured that our lives are made up of so many sunrises, those which we missed and those which we enjoyed spending. Every sunrise indeed can bring in renewed hope, faith and trust on the convincing power of nature, its immense beauty and its manifold embrace.  The sunrise that I captured remains brightly and warmly within my heart, that those that I write gives meaning to an ordinary Sunday morning because I found beauty, inspiration and acceptance as the sun shone!

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14 thoughts on “Travels 218: Natural perfection, Tukuran’s reassuring sunrise

  1. I really miss going to beach early in the morning – this is the best time to witness a sea so serene that it captivates you and your soul. Perfect time for soliloquy. Thanks to this sir. Ill go and swim to the sea early morning when i get back to Iligan, hopefully this weekend.

    Nice shots sir! Kudos! 🙂

  2. I love your photograph, wish we had a pic of my husband too in sunrise or sunset, whichever the two or both

  3. Hi. Congrats on being nominated for the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards – Mindanao. Your photos are beautiful! Try visiting the beaches near Cagayan de Oro.

    • Thanks Carlo! I did not expect such nomination to the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards and I am humbled. Salamat for appreciating the photos I took. By the way, can u suggest to me beaches near CDO? I went to Chali beach before however, i’d like to look for more places where I can take photos and also do travel blogging na rin.

  4. great sunrise photos 🙂 love them all!

  5. Very beautiful sunset from Tukuran. I love the sand dunes effect at the shallow part, it gives me chills 🙂

  6. my husband loves the sunrise, on the contrary i love watching the sunset hihi. Great photos!

  7. I always liked the sunsets here in our country but then when I saw pictures of the sunrise, I think I want to see them too. Great photos by the way!

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