Travels Special: Journeys and Travels, and the Tukuran children

Over the weekend, while on a team building with my civic organization, the JCI Greater Pagadian, Inc, I ventured into the beachfront to capture the romantic sunset, though on my lonesome, I carried it on my shoulder. Prospects of the future is as far and thinking enslaved by the demands of the world, those around me and those who continually place their trust and confidence on me.

Last year, I have decided to pursue a long-time dream and that is blogging about places I go to and share some inspirations, moving on with what life throws at me each single day, speeding past every highway and taking on new friends, looking at horizons together. The birth of Journeys and travels come into fruition on a wordpress platform. I never considered, not even for a single moment that I will be read by more than 30,000 people in less than a year. I can’t believe that I had been on the blogosphere for so few months and I have gained a considerable following from friends, friends-to-be and fellow bloggers.

As the title of my blog will tell you, both are experiential by nature. We journey to gain through life and we travel to go through life and living. We capture every moment we are at our own feet, our horizons far away, and becomes an inspiration to others. This is essentially why I write more often as possible.

Children, when in their innocence best reflects the leader in us and also in me. I can see their carefree spirit, their attitude at life and their desire to commune with the beauty of nature. I am longing for sometime already that our future will be run by children, whose carefree attitude transcends the peculiarities of each leader and whose hardwork is best exemplified by their innocent plays and games. These are the future I wish will be around tomorrow, those whose dreams are achievable and whose innocence brings justice, not injustice; whose life is one that is live for friends and families, whose inspirations transcends the cumbersome realities of adulthood.



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6 thoughts on “Travels Special: Journeys and Travels, and the Tukuran children

  1. oh i miss being kid! 🙂

  2. working with kids has always been one of my passions, and it’s such a joy whenever i meet a bunch of them during my travels

    • yes it is Claire. Grabe ung feeling ko when they went and approach me after I have written the name of my blog on the sand. They all want a photo taken. As I quickly think, sabi ko sa sarili ko, it is the nicest way to celebrate my one-year anniversary as a travel blogger. I am forever humbled by what I have captured.

  3. one of my favorite subjects in photography are KIDS… it actually brings out the child in me. 🙂 just like now.. 🙂

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