Travels 221: Youthfulness at sea to bursting sunset, the Tukuran jaunt

One of the best subjects of photography are ordinary people, much more, children who loved their mundane world, where a day spent on the sea and by the boat, as long as it is spent with friends and neighbours evoke memories so strong. I felt it when I saw children paddling a Bangka towards me asking for me to take a photo when they saw me standing over a concrete installation intended to catch sands from the seas.

Just standing on the concrete structure, I felt amazed at how the horizon is widely captured through my eyes and how I felt looking at them. I was partially interrupted when children were waving at me asking me to take a good photograph of them in their happiest moments together.

Tukuran beach is not white sand but black, it is not high-end but affordable! I was staying at the LGU Beach Resort where the shore fronting the resort is farthest and when in a low tide, the shore is far. It is where most residents of Pagadian City swim on weekends. It is the same beach where mostly, family reunions, class parties and other activities are usually held.

Prodding myself to pursue a sunset photowalk, I came back to the beachfront of the LGU Beach Resort at 30 minutes past 5:00PM and was able to capture the most romantic sunset by the sea. I have captured something of a bursting celebration on the capping a heavy and tiresome day.

I have just also noticed that sunsets are different with sunrise when you took it from the vantage point of a sea level. Sunsets are characterized with bursting clouds heading through where the sunsets and the sky is slowly becomes clearer. The waves noticeably are stronger, more disorganized and not tranquil during sunsets. I have just observed it and I may be wrong but as what I saw at the photos I took, sunsets and sunrises are two different events and phenomena that is hard to distinguished on photo unless one is a professional not a novice like me.

At the end of the day, I was captivated at what I saw combined. The youthfulness at sea to the greatest and most calm sunset. As it was observed, we have had focused too much on ourselves and what we do that we stop at what nature can also do. Day in and day out, sunsets remind us of our vulnerability while sunrises promises us agility, vitality and hope.

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14 thoughts on “Travels 221: Youthfulness at sea to bursting sunset, the Tukuran jaunt

  1. Ordinary folks and nature in general are my favorite subjects in photography, it’s always a delight to work with kids and I never get tired of beautiful sunset and sunrise πŸ™‚

  2. gleendo

    nice doc…miss the place

  3. ang nostalgic doc. na mis sko tuloy ang kamusmusan ko s probinsya. love the intro too. πŸ™‚

    • thanks Gael! ako din, pero what irony is that now that I have grown much of who I am, I never fancy swimming at any beach. Imagine, 10 days ako sa Panglao pero never swam there. I went to this beach overnight but never swim hahaha.

  4. Ang ganda talaga ng Pinas, ang sarap magbasa ng blogs grabe.

  5. Missed the sandy beaches kahit na di pa summer! (Actually, basta dagat masaya na ako)

  6. i also enjoy joining the locals doing their stuffs… sarap ng buhay probinsya…

  7. I miss this part of the Illana Bay…when we used to visit CRM projects (I think we had a seeweed farm here)…just because we almost drowned here…natanggal yung gasket sa propeller ng makina ng Bantay Dagat boat… and down we went…buti na lang may nakakita na isang babae from the beach and the rescue boats came for us…very memorable.

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