Travels 222: Off-the-beaten tracks in Pagadian City, the sunrise bliss

Early morning, my alarm strikes 4.30 and I carried on, strapped my Travey and walk for a relaxing Saturday sunrise photoshoot with no less than an ace photographer and web developer, Ard Catalino. Ard, whose passion for on-line world and website development is instrumental in my procurement of my own domain name Journeys and Travels. We share the same passion for photography and this is our first morning photowalk together.

We met at Dunkin Pagadian and by 5.00am, we went directly to the Pagadian City Fishport where a good vantage point for sunrise shoots is. I saw fisherfolks and their children patiently waiting for the arrival of fishes from those caught off-shore. The fishport is located at Barangay San Pedro, a progressive coastal barangay in the City.

We chatted about our passion for photos when the sunrises and we were caught with our cameras (we are both Nikonistas). He brought his tripod, poor me, I did not brought mine but my strategy is to just walk a little while towards every direction, getting the pulse of the place, getting through the scene and shoot.

Afterwards, Ard showed me one secret I have to discover myself for the first time. There is an off-the-beaten tracks that connected the fishport to the airport and run parallel to the runway. I was excited to see it for myself since it will mean more chances to see great vistas and of course, share what I gained through which the lens of Travey captured. I was not disappointed because I am enthralled.

Both side of the track are fishponds and variety of mangroves that is perfect for early morning walk. It is not paved yet but that contributes to the excitement and thrill. The sound of the motorcycle wheels skidding on small stones made this photo opportunity more rural than what I perceived to be. In the edge of urbananism in the city, there is a rural oasis where one finds peaceful respite and walk. The bliss in the experience is in the makings of greatness out of ordinariness.

The great morning when we shared the same passion was capped with a hearty breakfast prepared by Ard’s wife who is a friend too. My first time to come and visited their humble home, my first time for a shared photowalk and my grateful SMS message to him was: this is just the beginning of something BIG! I am most proud of what my city, my life has for those who explored her.

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15 thoughts on “Travels 222: Off-the-beaten tracks in Pagadian City, the sunrise bliss

  1. GReat shots doc wendz. I am also fascinated with sunrise especially the reflection while slowly rising from its horizon. hopefully that we can meet someday professor.

  2. i love it that you take photos that speak for themselves. ❀

    you're from Pagadian, right dok? I have a photographer cousin who's based there. Alan Marc amantiad, does it ring a bell?

  3. yes. My dad has relatives from your city. I wanna go to Baganyan and Tabina one day, experience local life, devour the sea :). glad that you’re from IIT, no wonder brayt ka πŸ˜€ btw, if you don’t mind me asking, PhD ka po ba or MD?

  4. gaganda ng mga photos!

  5. Alam ko na kung sino ang tatawagan ko para sa mga tips kapag napunta ako ng Pagadian πŸ™‚

  6. I love sunsets. ^.^ I always find them so romantic. ^>^

  7. Pagadian is a very photogenic place, i miss it now back in the freezing UK

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