Journeys Special: How Proud I am being an IITian!

As many professed about life after university to be a rollercoaster ride, I say it is one hell of a ride! My journeys through university is one characterized by so many anecdotes, experience in both theory and practice that helped mould me into who I am and wanted to be. This is how my education, perhaps, over the years since 1998 that I stepped out of the portals of MSU-IIT that I shall be writing it down, so to speak. Since then, I was invited to speak for the students at the university and gladly I say was able to effectively inspired them to be better, well, to my own estimation.

Back when I was at the university, I was able to create an society where my friends come from all walks of life, from all parts of Mindanao, Palawan, Indonesia, Mexico and other places. Enjoyed the life of a student under-achiever but struggling to make a difference in the lives of those whom I touched. Back in 1996, I started an unusual hobby which cost me to be headlined at the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 1998 in which they run a story about my hobby in which I wrote to presidents, prime ministers and monarchs around the world. First off, they are intrigue at how I was able to receive the reply in correspondence of the likes US Presidents William Jefferson Clinton and George Bush, Pope John Paul II, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mexican Presidents Ernesto Zedillo and Vicente Fox, the first elected President of Israel Ezer Weisman and Prime Minister Ehud Barak, of course, I have in my collection a full hand-written notes and replies of all the British Royal Family.

Since graduating, my lot in the world becomes bigger. I have more shoes to fill, more roles to play and take on life at its horn, enjoy its free-ride and ended up with a Masters in Foreign Service from the Lyceum of the Philippines University. When I pursued it, I had a competitive edge because of my previous training from IIT. My professors at the College of Business Administration taught me how to survive, equipped me with the best to compete and wholeheartedly supported me all throughout my humble life and beginnings.

The world out there, as I say is one huge TV screen. It zeroes in on our capacity and capability to inspire and lead a life that we so acquire while we obtain our education from one of the prestigious universities in the country. When I was a student, I had my fair share of failures, in IIT, I have had failing grades, INC and passing grades but that alone, will never deter me from achieving what I wanted in life. I have a dream so I will achieve it. I have a blueprint so must I pursue it!

I remembered one exam I took in economics and an exam I caught unprepared. Sure of my failure in the examination, I wrote a note for my professor at the back of my answer sheet in which I can recall writing that “I will make good in the outside world, when the world out there is demanding, I will rise above my present stature and unpreparedness”. Looking back now, I am, as I have said years ago, been beyond what I have dreamed of. A PhD in Education is no mean feat and undertaking academic researches to find ways at improving basic education is one opportunity that I shared my life, now, I say, I give back.

The passion I have for others, not in being competitive but rather in being able to see through their lives as a mirror of what I have been put through and lived in IIT. My life at IIT is one experience that moulded me into the best I could be. I am educated to pursue my dreams, follow through it and leave its imprints so one day, many others will also step up. I have found them farther ahead of me and  from where I had been and that made me happy for it is where we are, to places we all dream about conquering, and leaving our own humble footprints, for one day, when we all stepped up, we do not anymore fill the shoes, we felt it and walk through life with it, prouder I must say.

NB. Thanks to blogger Rain Amantiad for suggesting to me what to write tonight. I hope I shared well enough.

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2 thoughts on “Journeys Special: How Proud I am being an IITian!

  1. Buti n lng nabasa ko to.

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