Travels Special: Perlas ng Silangan E-Book

In this time and age, where books are converted into electronic versions, the demands for a compiled destinations as captured by travel bloggers all across the country is paramount. Photos taken on-site is one that brings one closer to the places visited by bloggers themselves, their stories and the captivating vista of how beautiful the country is.

Flip Damon, the blogger who is responsible for putting up the painstakingly arduous collection from travel bloggers from the Philippines is a proud member of the Pinoy Travel Blogger. A traveler and a story-teller, an ace photographer and a weaver of touristic destinations’ experiences is the right person to author such a historic e-book produced to date.

Featuring travel bloggers all over, the Perlas ng Silangan E-Book is a must read among those who have visited these places already, purposely to help reconstruct past memories and more so, to travelers who have yet to see these places, for a blueprint where to visit in their next jaunt!

Perlas ng Silangan E-book

The link above directs one to the site of Plif Damon, the author of this wonderful compilation!


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12 thoughts on “Travels Special: Perlas ng Silangan E-Book

  1. Got mine already.. Ang ganda ng pagkakagawa… Salute!! sa mga may akda nito πŸ˜€

  2. Galing naman ng gumawa nito.. Proud to be Pilipino!

  3. thanks for sharing this dito sa blog mo doc πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for sharing! Let’s all continue to put the Philippines in good light and market it properly. This is awesome!

  5. I’ll bookmark and check this out later. ^.^

  6. I am sad that I was not able to submit mine as part of the group. I asked the author Flip Nomad to extend the deadline but I forgot that when my vintage car was in trouble and needs an overhaul.:-(.

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