Travels 224: In tranquillity we sail on

Most of our lives are characteristically defined not of what we naturally achieved but rather on how we responded to the challenges that come our way. We live in the days and years where challenges are abounding in all fronts: family, lovelife, career, financial freedom, debt, and of course, interpersonal relationships. Naturally still, we strived to become the best we can become because we dream and through these dreams, we achieve more to become more by less.

With it, I mean we become more by less because we aspire for a society where equality, respect, sincerity and tact is the observed norms. We achieve our dreams because we are driven for others; we are driven for others because we think less of ourselves and those that shaped us by ourselves. We obtain a fulfilling society because we care more by also showing genuine concern for others who have less than us.

In tranquillity we sail on, we pass through the most tumultuous chapters of our lives. It is because every after storm, we experience lightness of heart, openness of mind and a willing heart to sustain ourselves through our own commitment for others. Our commitment for others is much felt when we choose to lower our own stature to reach out for in our ability to reach out for those who have less than us, we felt it when we also feel their pains, their hopelessness and failed dreams. By it, one must immerse himself in the most taxing experiences to see beyond what is today. Similarly, like the lonesome journey across a flat and placid lake towards where our hearts felt free.

Tranquillity only happens when we achieve the highest form of inner peace brought about by a balanced LIFE and a lifestyle that is befitted for the greater good. People come and go, by our own bidding and adjustment; we accepted them as they come, much more as they go. Our chapters are replete with those exciting moments and reflecting failures which makes every turn of each page a profound experience. We sow tranquillity in moving on when we refuse to be bitter amidst all those that have been done unto us and those who hurt us. By tranquillity we sail on, we find inner peace and by inner peace, we deflect the bad and encourage the intangible greatness that define us through the life we live.

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9 thoughts on “Travels 224: In tranquillity we sail on

  1. As expected, another superb and inspiring words from sir Wendell 😀 Thank you sir, nakakacompleto ka ng araw 😀

  2. anlalim naman nun… 😉

  3. “Inner peace.” If you have watched the Kung Fu Panda 2, this is being emphasized. ^_^

  4. i find my inner peace whenever i travel and wait for the sunrise. usually, i wait for the sunrise so i can shoot it. but sometimes, i just stop and marvel at the glorious sunrise right before my eyes. deadma na if i don’t have a picture of it. minsan talaga, you just have to stop and smell the flowers, though in my case, it’s watching a sunrise 🙂

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