Travels 226: Landing at the Bird’s Nest

One day in August 8, 2008, when watching the LIVE coverage of the Opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics, I told myself that I will, one day, get to step on that grand and illustrious National Stadium of China and will be absorbing the awe-provoking landmark that has shaped modern China nowadays and to augur it, I prayed and the harder I prayed. Two years after, I was asked to be a part of the 20-man Philippine Delegation to China which I am excited to participate. I mustered all and everything to get to China where I have the greatest chance of a lifetime and of course, I will get to fulfil my promise in 2008, to be able to get my feet on the Bird’s Nest.

The Chinese Government has reportedly spent US $15 Billion for the structures and this included the Bird’s Nest. True to its aesthetic built, the stadium is one breakthrough of modernism in architectural design and landscaping. The Bird’s Nest cost a whopping US $423 Million and was designed by the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron.

My historic visit the Bird’s Nest in Beijing is one greater opportunity for me to understand the modernity of Chinese architecture and which one promotes an enhanced capability of the Chinese to host an Olympics and to showcase to the world China’s refined image as a world’s superpower.

The interiors of the Bird’s Nest is installed from the outside as if the image is juxtaposed into details similar to a lego toys easily pieced in by any child. The impressive interiors are one uniformly designed by the majestic red and the Olympic shops are filled with products associated to the historic Olympics two-years earlier.

I am rather impressed at how huge and colossal the Bird’s Nest is. It is a landmark that I have visited in Beijing that will remind me of my own dream and aspirations that was made into fruition by the very opportunity given unto me. My landing at the Bird’s Nest of China reminds me that a dream steadily prayed can and will always be an opportunity for a lifetime learning.

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8 thoughts on “Travels 226: Landing at the Bird’s Nest

  1. Ang laking Bird’s Nest nga Sir Wendell 😀 Im sure malalaki din mga ibon jan…hihii

  2. napisa na po yta nandun na sa loob nagkukompulan 😀

  3. Bird’s Nest is such an awesome architectural marvel. Buti ka pa doc nakapasok sa loob. Di kasi namin afford ang admission that time! Haha.

  4. wow that’s a lot… but having this infrastructure… it’s all worth it. Nice pics, wendell… thanks for sharing. Yahweh bless.

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