Travels 227: Walking HIGH at Badaling, China

One of the greatest dreams I have is to set foot in China and most of it is focused on how I can walk through the historic and grandest landmarks of human civilization outside the famous Gaza pyramids in Egypt and I am referring to the Great Wall of China built many centuries ago.

When the opportunity opened for me when I joined the 20-man Official Philippine delegation to China, the moment was seized for me to finally make my dreams come true in God’s approving will and guidance.

From our training base in Nanning in Guangxi Province in southern China, we went to up north in Beijing. No trip to Beijing is complete without the visit to the Great Wall of China and I am greatly impressed. It was already cold for the winter months so the jacket has to be worn throughout the day. I am blessed because my dreams come true finally.

Our guides told us that we are going to the Badaling section of the Great Wall, famous for all tourists going to the Great Wall. There are, however, other sections that are more serene and peaceful with no tourists walking around but for us, we are here in the section where almost all tourists come to see the Great Wall.

After the historic walk through in Badaling I have learned that sheer determination and vision will forever alter the prospects of the world and through it I learned that China is one great destination that awaits every traveller in us.


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11 thoughts on “Travels 227: Walking HIGH at Badaling, China

  1. Wow! Nicew post doc,,, dis is one of my dream destination hopefuly nxt yer,,,

  2. Wow! Nice post doc,,, dis is one of my dream destination hopefuly nxt yer,,,

  3. There’s no doubt, Great Wall of China is a wonder 😀 Awesome shots Sir Wendell

  4. *envious* i admire how you brave and dare life doc. padayon!

  5. i never get to see this side of the wall, though a bit crowded, the view is magnificent

    • Ron, naturally! this section is where most tourist flock when they said Great Wall of China. I am with a group so I cant get sneaky and explore but someone told me there is a nice section where less people converge. I love it there. Sarap ng weather pero super grabe ang akyat baba sa hagdan hehe

  6. Definitely one in my bucket list.

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