Analysis 105: May Pasko pa ba?

Scenes of disaster brought about by Sendong is one that evokes raw emotions and painful acceptance that we are no match at the wrath of nature and how expansive its destructive reach over communities that are sound asleep. The most poignant scene I have ever seen was captured by most photos posted on Facebook, tweeted on twitter and those taken by photojournalists and it says one and sole message, strong yet raw – unite with nature otherwise nature unties you.

After having read the news from CNN about the tragic flasfloods that has claimed hundreds of people’s lives, I am reflecting what kind of government do we have. I believed and continue to do so, in fact, exercise my firm belief that government agencies are on the ground on work to no ends to do the search and rescue to retrieval operations, all in the name of public service however I am searching, as many does, of a father who can provide us comfort, direction, hope and strength, in fact, whom we can get our will to survive and live beyond what has happened but sadly, I have not seen him.

This scenario happened already during the flooding in Cotabato City and again, it happened to Cagayan de Oro and Iligan Cities where the President has been apparently absent from the public eye. When the nation is in grief and is grieving, our president was reportedly partying at the palace and had a laugh at jokes cracked by an actress as if his own country has never seen disaster in the eye. When everyone in the cities affected were scampering to safety, searching for families and friends, grieving for dying and the dead, overcoming defeat and finding strength amidst disaster, all he did was merrymaking and partying. Is it not what I was anticipating and expecting from the president most Filipino people put their trust on. What I saw was an uncaring and less determined government who failed to respond to the disaster no matter what and whichever way they could.

May Pasko pa ba? Was asked by a crying girl to her mother distraught by the disaster and I can not imagine how they too will rebuild their lives from the point of view of the child asking the most poignant of all questions. The question was rather innocent and carefree, suited for a child who sees Christmas as a season of hope and fairness but all it is vanished in just hours and their lives altered forever.


Must one give in to credence to the kind of inaction this government has in responding to these scenarios in Mindanao? I dare say we must. Government are answerable to the people and should there be instances when we our own lives, properties and nation is threatened, then government, in all its resources and wisdom should rally behind how people can cope up with such tests. In this particular instance, government responded timidly because the President has not even made up his mind to sound the marching orders to rally the people and mustering courage along the way. He failed to reach out to all of us Mindanao whose lives were forever altered because of this. He failed to show us concern, never provided us the opportunity to hope and did not even care to show us the direction where to go. We are never one in this efforts, this is not unity but quandary, never about viability but anarchy and worse, never stability but inability – both in the heart and mind of those whom we place our trust and mandate, to be ever ready to rally to us on our moments of need.

I refuse to believe that what has happened over the weekend and how the President has been absent in our national psyche is a built-attitude but rather one that can be corrected and addressed. As was observed, I am in the firm belief that the President does care enough but we just have not, perhaps felt it sincerely. He may and could have cared to his own definition of the term and estimation from the stand-point of his office and lofty upbringing but one I also could not fathom and will continue to understand.

As a status post I wrote on my Facebook will ever explain my own understanding of events best captured it, I say, “we are all in the concerted efforts here in Mindanao and elsewhere to respond to this disaster save for one person whom this nation has relied solely and perhaps entirely for comfort, direction, assurance and hope – of which he chooses to hide from us, people from Mindanao.” I hope and pray disasters strikes no one and no community in the country to better give us time to heal and perhaps, unite ourselves with how nature live in us and we in them.


For donations and manner how to help, please contact them directly:

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22 thoughts on “Analysis 105: May Pasko pa ba?

  1. Grabe kaau ni kasubo nga panghitabo. 😦 One member of my team lost their home and everything nga napundar nila. I know God has better plans and only God knows.

  2. Thank you for this. A lot of people need our help and we should deliver and provide them what we can. And no, we can’t celebrate Christmas with grandeur with all the death and destruction that has happened to our fellow Filipinos. Let us be considerate, have a small celebration and give the remaining amount to those that need it the most.

  3. A very sad event in our country again. I just hope everybody will do their part in helping those people from the affected areas. Thanks for sharing this.

    • thank you too. I am grateful to some of my friends who have helped immensely about the efforts at this and in addressing the concerns after a disaster of this magnitude. The Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur is sending medical teams and nurses to Iligan to help and also sending used clothing and food to the survivors.

  4. I got goosebumps upon seeing those images. Grabe! I hope maging masaya pa kahit papano kahit kakaunti lang, kahit sandali ung mga nasalanta. God bless us all!

    • I am touched by it and these are angels now overlooking Iligan and Cagayan de Oro cities. Their days are most felt with our courageous efforts to help them and their survived families. I just wished Kris Aquino would have been circumspect and tactful of her comments after this tragedy. We wished her wisdom which obviously she has to gain for herself.

  5. actually nasasanay naman na ako kay Pnoy na ganun sya, yung bang ipinamahala nalang ng basata sa iba, ni hindi man lang nia imonitor at tutukan tapos nagcoconcetrate lang sya sa budget kakainis. Sana nanalo nalang sana yung bet ko before at sana alisin na sa kanya yung tawag na Pnoy tunog pinoy kasi nakakasira lang

    • i agree. Pinoys are caring, courageous, determined, affable, determined and hopeful which is the exact opposite of PNoy. nakakapanglumo po ang mga gawain ng Presidente sa kabila ng trahedya.

  6. I may not agree with what you said about our President’s not being concerned on what happened in Northern Mindanao but I definitely respect your right to say it.

    I am not one on believing that a good leader’s presence is necessary to get things done by his subordinates. Being there in the scene is good for President in PR terms but that is not a guarantee that situation will be better for the flood victims.

    • thanks po Ed and may I add I am not into PR tactics. Absence physically and emotionally is one characteristic that only a leader can do so freely at the excuse of efficiency however, as with Churchill and Washington in the past, during the civil war and the great wars, in which many lives are claimed and properties ruined, they were seen and heard, people get their hopes from their leaders of which blatantly absent in the case of PNoy. It is called statesmanship!

      Thanks for the comment po

  7. As we celebrate Jesus’ birthday this Sunday, let us have more of a solemn celebration as we become sensitive to what happened to our friends down south.

    Much love, Christia

    Consolidated list to help SENDONG victims from Christia’s World

  8. chamberlain barredo

    what the victims need most is our help and not all this criticisms and arguments..lets pray and be positive…

  9. Honestly , i really dont want to think about this , because the more i think about it , i will end up more frustrated. Cant help it. May God bless us.

    • Chin, same with me which I vent it through my blog. I have had seen devastation of this magnitude in Manila and before day time, it is already clear who is commanding who and search and rescue are done swiftly with appropriate equipment and rubber boats. In this case, particularly in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro cities, no one even have a rubber boat, search and rescue equipment which made this unfortunate disaster a gruesome one.

  10. Thank your for this article DokWends! this is for your readers awareness! I hope they have that love in their heart to help these victims of Sendong 🙂 just came home from our daily acitivities with OneForIligan campaign…we just delivered food for dinner to Sta. Filomena Evacuation Center…

    • thanks Alex. The Zamboanga del Sur contingent of doctors and nurses are on their way at dawn today. As we speak, Zamboanga del Sur is distributing medicines, blankets, clothings, food, water, rice and many others to the survivors of the calamity. I am praying for them as much as many others are and this too shall all pass.

  11. don palmer

    My Prayers to all that suffer due to the recent Typhoon, this past Weekend….It is so sad to know that your president was partying, and living it up, while others died, others suffer. Your government should do more to help these needy people, They desperately need food, medicine, and thier homes repaired, or replaced….Next time elections are held, it is time to retire those politicans, and elect new ones that don’t lie, and get rich because of the office they hold…..

    • Don, I agree with you. sometimes, our zeal for what is new in politics is what drives us to nowhere but this. This is the classic example of that. We thought our electing a newbie president will change things for the better, it was the same.

      Thank you for your generosity and your prayers.

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