Travels 229: Fallen in love with the celestial nymphs and divatas of Angkor

Over time, tested by the years and moments altogether, the captivating and impressive celestial nymphs of Angkor captivated my heart in earnest. The entire Angkor Wat temples have excessive presentations of the Apsara known as Vidhya Dhari in Khmer culture. One has to take their time out to appreciate it in columns and door jams as well as in blind windows. In order for me to appreciate it the most, i forgo the group tours to the Angkor complex but had rented a tuktuk and took on the pace myself.


Set on the trail to redefining myself in the context of my journey through culture and tradition, I searched every columns, balusters and windows including walls for the dancing apsaras. At one time, I was taking my ever reliable Nikon for a spin, one European tourist comment it was too close for a photograph however I kept myself silent as I was engrossed at what I am in love with. Later on, I showed him what I captured on my camera and he was amazed and I started talking to him and his wife about my travel blog and how these figures have enriched me, they listened then suddenly he took his camera and took the same spot I took and had a good photograph of an apsara dancing.


Divata as seen in many of the walls and doorjams of the temples of Angkor are goddesses that resemble daily life and through which life of beauty and grace emanates. I believed that these figures guard the temples from intruders by seducing its unsuspecting journeyers and for it, life begins. As was had been for me, I had been in love to both divata and apsara.


Through what I saw and captured, the great contributions of Khmer culture to the world is preserved for all humanity to enjoy and appreciate. One need not fret for the apsaras are just awaiting to be discovered and like me, to be fallen in love with. As they said, apsaras are celestial goddesses of dance and they are out to seduce kinds and ministers, all men who love their graceful dances.

Apsaras are goddesses out to seduce you to fall in love and I had been smitten.

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31 thoughts on “Travels 229: Fallen in love with the celestial nymphs and divatas of Angkor

  1. beautiful carvings, exquisitely historical too! i wish i could see it in person

  2. Cant help but notice the similarity of “Divata” to “Diwata.” So jealous of your trip to see the Angkor Wat. Such a beautiful place!

    • yes they are all too same however ung atin kasi, no figurative illustrations of how one looks like except sa mga descriptions sa literature. Sa kanila kasi, carvings talaga so it runs through many generations.

      Salamat sa comment Mich.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures!

    I wish you all the best and may you have a wonderful 2012.

    koreandoll | angel

  4. The chance to see those beautiful works of art is not for everyone. Congratulate yourself for being among the lucky ones. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Great way for you to give a tip on your perspective on how you took a photo of these carvings, ginaya pa talaga ng turista!
    Hi Doc! I’m really excited for an upcoming trip I’m preparing for. Hope to meet these divatas again! Kakamiss ang SR. đŸ™‚

    • Yes kaka miss nga ang SR. Gusto ko din bumalik and puntahan ang lake. They have the biggest lake in Asia that is near Angkor complex. Salamat sa comment Edcel. I hope to see you on the road po.

      You are one of those few travel bloggers who inspire me.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Nakakakilabot ung pictures. Di ako bagay sa ancient places hehehe

  7. Really loved Siem Reap. Unfortunately, until now, backlog pa rin. You’re inspiring me to finally go back to it! Happy new year Doc Wends!

    • Happy New Year to you to Aleah. I was inspired by your solo flight so here I went. You are an inspiration and for that I wished to thank you and more travels this year! Kita naman tau minsan!

  8. Photographers are really has that distinct perspective on the subject he/she is shooting at. Depends also on the level of one’s appreciation. Like in food, we have of different taste. Congrats doc. Ancient structures are really that huge in order to withstand from any earth movement. They are built without necessary reinforcements. Hindi pa usa nun ang steel bars. But they have their own method of reinforcing the structures. Like in the principle of bricks laying.:-).

  9. Wow! Sana maseduce din aq ni apsaras jejeje dis is one of the destinations in my wishlist doc, nice post;)

  10. Your awesome post is whetting my appetite for my Cambodia trip next month!

  11. you know that i was envious about the trip you just had. i supposed to come along but for some strange reason i was detoured earlier for my trip to KK. i do not have regrets though, i may experience angkor wat someday. for the record, your blog made me experience the place initially. it gives me always the happiness to read your stories and reflections. indeed it brought me to it and mind you, i am beginning to embrace its beauty and galore. god bless you dokie my friend. go forth, and…multiply (hehehehe).

    • salamat ng marami sa generous comment mo po about what I write on my blog and how I made it through every travel to make an impact or inspire others perhaps.

      See you on the road po.

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  13. Apsara din ba yung nakaupong naka-yellow? If that is the case, I am smitten! đŸ˜€

  14. wow what a beautiful carving…. hope to visit soon….

  15. i miss those divatas. I was there a couple of days ago. My very first trip outside of the country.

  16. ay sayang naman. I needed help with itinerary . Gusto ko ulit bumalik.

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