Travels 233: Prayerful at a Choeung Ek Wat

Just after my reflective visit to the Tuol Sleng(S21), I came across the urge to complete my journey of self-reflection on Christmas day with my final stop in Choeung Ek. My Cambodian friend Sandap contacted me that my friend Lynaro will pick me up from the museum to bring me to my next destination. Again, My Cambodian friend Lynaro has never been to both Tuol Sleng (S21) and in Choeung Ek.

After my customary goodbyes at the Tuol Sleng (S21), Lyna called me that he is waiting for me at the entrance where I was left by Sandap. I boarded his Toyota Hi-Lux and off we went to Choeung Ek. Along the way, we stopped for directions; asking directions from Tuk-tuk drivers and gassed up.

On our way to Choeung Ek, I fell asleep due to the humidity and exhaustion I felt inside the Tuol Sleng (S21) and the unexpected emotional turmoil. I woke up to see we have passed by a Chinese Wat. We considered alighting for a moment to appreciate its wonder and perhaps, take some photos too. We did just that.

Only the two of us on the road, I fancied at the intricate architectural wonder of the Wat in Choeung Ek. I never had the chance to get its proper name but it is the only Chinese Wat near the Killing Fields. I have seen wonders there like the heavenly stairs guarded by green and golden Nagas.

I have also seen the “dead” Buddha, offered some incense and prayed a little. I walked through the complex of the Wat and saw that there were figures of Buddha riding the animal years and I took the time off to see my dragon year. I had a great surprise when it saw it was in-tact and in good shape.

Just as I left Tuol Sleng (S21) and proceeded to my most poignant journey towards Choeung Ek, I stopped by and prayed.


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18 thoughts on “Travels 233: Prayerful at a Choeung Ek Wat

  1. that’s really nice … i love the places and the photos … very interesting …

  2. ang ganda… the place looks so solemn and the architecture is really rich in art

  3. NAPAKAGANDA NAMAN, sarap jan manirahan hehehe

  4. Place was amazing! 🙂

  5. Love the Place and Nice Pictures… 🙂

  6. Was there an entrance fee to enter this place?

    Much love, Christia

    It’s More Fun In the Philippines! from Christia’s World

  7. a perfect place to meditate indeed! 🙂 the details in the architecture (from the gates to the Buddha) speaks more of it than just being a prayer place…. great shots!

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