Inspiration 103: The greatest gift of Rachel Beckwith

Sometime in August 2011, Rachel Beckwith, 9 years old passed away because of complications resulting from her being involved in a vehicular accident Washington. As was her birthday wish, she do not want any gifts but sought for donations for her Charity: Water. Her pure heart and young age has been the shining example of how love for others can truly move people, change them into better persons and come across their story which renews their spirit and Rachel’s is one that moved me, changed me, and renewed me.

Rachel Beckwith is not the typical 9 year old girl because she thought of generosity far beyond my own adult comprehension. She thought of helping others across her own home, across the seas, to strangers, to children her age and some adults like me through their need for potable water. Water is life as we define it and yes, Rachel understood this eventhough she is of her tender age.

By hindsight and in retrospect, her story made me raise some questions for many of us to ponder perhaps. What is truly our purpose in life that we continue to find it in a maze? What is it truly that define us as a person and our humanity that we continue to ignore others? What truly is important to us, getting helped or we get to help others?

Rachel Beckwith is the CNN Hero, the greatest inspiration that has made her life a shining example of how dreaming for others can help change the world and that by refusing gifts for her on her birthday and sought instead, the gifts of waters for others, Rachel has claimed for herself the status of someone who had been and will forever be in my heart: My hero and my saint.


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8 thoughts on “Inspiration 103: The greatest gift of Rachel Beckwith

  1. A very typical example of benevolent little lady who is so generous that she would rather help others that to be given more importance of herself.

    Rachel Bedwith’s character of being generous is worth to be emulated.

    My latest post:  T.R.U.T.H.

  2. sad that her life was cut short but her legacy will live on…like her we can do something in our own little way…

    thanks for the visit, i assume kc lahat ng nag cocomment sa post ko is from ComEx kaya basta na commentan ko na lahat ng links di ko na iniisa-isa kung cno at hindi nag comment back…

  3. AJ

    Rachel just slapped me…to my senses. I realized I’ve been rather selfish and that genuine generosity wells up from a pure heart. So young yet wise beyond her years. Why do the good ones get taken away so early?

    • thank you AJ for your generous comments. Rachel’s story is one that also re-awakens my own humanity that I still lack the spirit of true selfless commitment for others.

  4. Gold-hearted! This is a story I’ll tell Luna when she’s older. As opposed to, I guess, fairy tales.

    • yes and thank you Gaye for the comments. Luna will appreciate more of life and the blessings she receives when she knew about the heroism of Rachel.

      God bless you and Luna and the entire family.

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