Travel 235: Honoring the Fallen at the Vietnam War Memorial in Siem Reap

When driving around Siem Reap with my Tuk-tuk driver Sothy, I came across the Wat that is as imposing as those I have seen somewhere in Phnom Penh. I asked Sothy about the place and we tried painstakingly to identify it, asking everyone, including policemen for the name. Unfortunately, to no avail. No one gave us what exact name until I came across some photosharing sites that included the same photos I took and finally, it is called the Vietnam War Memorial. I was elated to finally come across it and formally recognizing it as it is.

Taking on the courage to see through the efforts of the officers and men who fought wars, I took my steps slowly albeit the humid weather. I took photos of how the memorial was effortlessly maintained and repainted.

The Vietnam War Memorial in Siem Reap is well manicured and maintained. The entrance to the memorial is guarded by Nagas. Naga is the seven-headed serpent that promotes bravery and peace. It is being held by brave men, one similar scene that can be seen at the Bayon Temples in Angkor.

The Wat is colored green gold and the eternal burning urn is colored gold. From there, prayerful families and friends of the Fallen can have the best of times to spend for their dearly departed.

The Vietnam War Memorial in Siem Reap is located at the opposite site of the Angkor Children Hospital. It was built on June 16, 2002 and was inaugurated on January 7, 2005. Today, as I post this blog, is 7th year since it was inaugurated.

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2 thoughts on “Travel 235: Honoring the Fallen at the Vietnam War Memorial in Siem Reap

  1. Can’t help but notice the similarities between this temple and some parts of Banteay Srei, particularly the entrance arch and the monkey idol.

    • it is what is unique among Wats and Temples in Cambodia. They have similarities in almost everywhere. It is what makes me stay there more days and then learning it my way.

      Thanks for your comment po

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