Travels 237: Angkor Wat, the grandeur that is.

There were many visitors already who have been to Angkor Wat and what a great way to delve into Khmer history and culture than this. Nothing in the world will ever replace the opportunity for me to see through a sprawling complex full of temples, ruins, bas reliefs, devatas and other architectural wonder that promotes Khmer in the context of Hinduism and Buddhism which I love to study and embrace.

The Angkor Wat was built for the King Suryavarman II in the 12th century to make it his capital fortress and city. Occupied a land surrounded by a moat, the Angkor Complex has all the amenities of royalty and grandeur. So named and popularized by Frenchman Henri Mouhot, Angkor Wat captured the attention of the world as a great escape for the traveller and a great venue for the religious.

Just around 5.5 kilometer away from Siem Reap, I took off with my rented tuktuk  at 5am to see the wonderful and perfect sunrise I have ever seen in my life then after breakfast together, I went back to the complex to see the Angkor Wat myself in broad daylight.

My journey through the Angkor Wat complex is one that made me climb the stairs and take the vantage scenes from where I consider the most: rare opportunity and blessing.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 237: Angkor Wat, the grandeur that is.

  1. wow, ang ganda naman ng ruins na to… bakit ang dami mong napupuntahan, bro… kakainggit tuloy… nice shots… Yahweh bless.

    • I am blessed bro to see where most have not and i am sharing it. I hope I can continue on with this journey so others can also be inspired through what I write. Thanks for your comments

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