Travels 238: Visiting the enigmatic and powerful Bayon

One of the strongest points among the temples of Angkor Wat is the Bayon known for its face towers all over. The architectural design of the Bayon temple is one that characteristically that for God worship from Hinduism to Buddhism. This is built as the State temple for King Jayavarman VII and his ascendants, it brought to the fore the core beliefs and practices of the people during those times.

My visit to this great temple complex started with a short walk to the west gate from Angkor Wat. I came in and saw some figures holding on to the Naga as it guards the temple gates. Here I also saw the start of the elephant ride towards the interiors of the temple. Upon reaching the gate, I saw the famous Cambodian monkey milling around the gates as if I am transported to the movie of Angelina Jolie aptly shoot in Angkor Wat complexes.

The Bayon as I saw it is a great temple where many have offered worships and true, there I saw many face towers. Historically speaking, the Bayon was a result of a remodelling concept since Angkor Thom is a well-fortified city, the architects and managers during those times thought that it be best to just maintain the temple at Bayon where it was and remodel it of sort.

It is also here in this temple that I saw well-carved apsara dancers adorning the columns of the temple. I respected the Khmer architecture so much that I almost spent an hour trying to look for great carvings and stones that resembles excellence in craftsmanship and arts.

Bayon is one great visit if one winds down to the Angkor Complex. I saw I saw the reclining Buddha inside Bayon on my way to the interior complexes and felt at peace. It is the greatest among the great in Angkor Wat complexes.

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59 thoughts on “Travels 238: Visiting the enigmatic and powerful Bayon

  1. wow..very ancient and very sacred. I don’t know the exact feeling when you are on this place, but I think it’s so creepy. Nevertheless, this is one of the places I’d like to see. you’re so lucky you experienced it there.

  2. i love to see this place if my budget permits. =)

  3. wow…kainggit naman kayo kelan ko po kayo magagawa toh…^_^

  4. Interesting place to visit to. I always admire historic places like this. Like Mitchi I have also been dreaming to experience difference places myself.

  5. wow Doc, it is a work of art. love to see this. i am sure you are enjoying your stay there. πŸ™‚

  6. ang ganda ng architectural design .breath taking .the place is really sacred .its lie parang ayaw mo mgasalita and to just keep quite habang nasa loob.

    • Its like it po Tess. I felt like that when I came inside it. Just on my lonesome so I kept silent all the time, trying to immerse myself into the temples. I love it there for reflections.

  7. Good thing there are people like you who share what has been experienced and seen. Someday I will be the one to share.

    • I will wait for the time I will be learning from your travels and getting inspired too. I have been inspired by others so its kinda a way of passing it forward too. Thank you for your comments.

  8. Riz

    Cool. I want to see this place if time permits. πŸ™‚

  9. … nice shoot and very interesting and intriguing place

  10. So glad you provided more than just photos. I deliberately neglected my camera (not an SLR anyway) while visiting Bayon. There is so much to take in. One day is not enough.

    • You wont believed me if I say I just went there in one entire day. I just went there alone with my Tuktuk driver Sothy and not in a group so I went there on my pacing. I captured more than what I absorbed and therefore made it the most of everything.

      Thanks for your comment Hazel.

      • nursegermz

        i can;t see any comment box so i clicked reply instead. anyway i’m a travel blogger too and this is another place to be listed.

  11. You made the place more inviting and appealing with the photos. I wanna go there too. I am dreaming of travelling the world to experience the culture of the people on each place. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks bro. You both take great photos too while you went on to the procession of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo! Nikonista ata tau haha.

      All in all, thank you for your comment and for appreciating the photos I took.

      Hoping for the time we can travel together and take on photography at the onset and blogging too.

  12. Those walls and corridors are sooo inspiring! I wanna take photo after photo! The architecture indeed is a marvel.. πŸ™‚

    • Michelle it was and until now, I still seeing it in my mind frame. I still love and was inspired by it somehow and greatly been influenced by it.

      Thanks for your comments

  13. One of the symbols of the history of Cambodia. I would love to go there.

  14. doc naalala q ung movie na tomb raider:)galing ng designs and truly amazing kc napreserve up to this tym

    • yes it is. One of the sites of the film Lara Croft: the Tomb Raider is the Angkor Wat complex. my next post will give you an idea where exactly it was entirely shoot and taken into the film with a little secret only I was fortunate to see that day.

      Thanks for your comment Jeffrey.

  15. Be grateful for the chance you had on being in those places. Not just anyone can have such opportunity.

  16. You’re a nomadic! Everywhere you wanted to go, you wanted to visit and wanted to take pictures for others to appreciate, and even to be informed of what`the place is all about. Go ahead. Travel more to historical places and share to us your “in” sights!.

    • thanks for your comments sir Gil. I am a nomadic yes and a travel blogger whose passion for others far outweighs the many pitfalls in everyone’s journey. I love travelling and through it, I see the inspiration I draw from and wanted to share it to others too.

  17. Wow, the place looks beautiful. I really would like to go there, despite the fact that it looks like there’s nobody else there and it seems kind of scary.

    • there are alot of people there at the Angkor Wat temple complex however I have to wait until almost all of them will be out of the frame of my lenses so I can take the great photos that captured everything.

      Thanks for your comment Jonathan.

  18. I love all the photos here. I wish to visit this place also..TRULY AWESOME!!!

  19. I wanna graduate and have a great job so that I can travel to any place I want. this will be on my list.

  20. I saw this sa GMA last night … sobrang ganda!

  21. Amazing! Angkor Wat on my screen πŸ™‚ now I know what it looks like, dati sa Diamond Rush ko lang nakikita ito…

  22. nice pics parang natour mo na ako dun

  23. sa Vietnam ito d ba

  24. this place is in my list…. will be there soon…

  25. amazing pictures. And what an amazing place as well.

  26. You should be grateful for the chance God has given you to travel places like Bayon. When I am better we would push through with our Cambodia trip. Please say a little prayer for me so we could also see Bayon!

  27. are you allowed to wear shorts in this site? seeing as it may be a holy ground… just curious in case I visit there πŸ™‚

    Much support, Christia
    Savouring Didi’s Pizza from Christia’s World

  28. i like it when you really get to learn and discover deeper about the places you visit. this sometimes is what other tourists fail to keep in their itineraries. it is indeed more interesting to give our photos some meaningful stories.

  29. Bayon evokes magic and mystery. Beautiful place, made even more so by your photos. Kakainggit! Hope to be able to go there someday.

  30. one thing i’ve noticed is that you love to visit ruins… great information and love the shots you’ve taken… para na rin akong nakapunta sa lugar. thanks for sharing. Yahweh bless.

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