Meet The Travellers: Jack and Sophy Tung

I met these two lovely friends on my day trip to the Upper Mekong Delta and the bus stop coffee/smoke hammock experience was one that will forever mark a singular journey of friends albeit instantaneously made and kept.

As I was talking to my Japanese lawyer seatmate at the bus for the day tour, I chanced at seeing Jack. I was taking photos of the road and the parked bicycle nearby and then when I changed lens on my Nikon D5000, Jack gave me an approving look and commented I had an awesome camera. When the initial pleasantries were exchanged, I showed him the photos I took of the sunrise at Angkor Wat. He was elated to see it and commended me for the photos I took.

Here comes Sophy, Jack’s lovely wife. They both are vacationing in Vietnam and Sophy, like Jack is very down-to-earth and friendly. We exchanged experiences and shared inspiration on the road. Jack told me that an accident at the friend’s wedding party in Vietnam erased their two-weeks collection of photos of their travel so I generously offered them a photo using my camera.

The photo I took may not be an ace ones but it truly meant for great friends you come to meet down the road. The road we both travelled was one that brings us together in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City and now, as we part to where we are, they being in the USA already and I, back in the Philippines, the friendship bridge cross the pacific so to speak.

Cheers to both Jack and Sophy Tung! Wishing us all the opportunity to meet on the road again wherever it maybe.

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2 thoughts on “Meet The Travellers: Jack and Sophy Tung

  1. That is a cool experience. It feels ultimately great to meet people on the road. =)

    • yes it is Chin. Both are humble and friendly. We all shared the same passion which brings us together on the road in Ho Chi Minh City. Great way to make new friends indeed.

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