Travels Special: More Fun in the Philippines

Joining the bandwagon in support of the Department of Tourism’s new slogan and a travel blogger who helps promote it, I am henceforth declaring my support by including my few photos taken from places in the Philippines from Bohol to Bukidnon, from Zamboanga del Sur to Zamboanga!

The photos I have in this collection best reflect my enthusiasm for photography and how it helps define my own travel blog. I would still wish that I went for a formal schooling in photography since I truly have none. I am not a schooled photographer and never had formal training in it.

As was before, I am interested in photography but just recently that I took on the challenge for me to take the best move and becomes a support photographer myself who loves to travel, write, ponder and blog.

As shown more, the photos speak for itself. Indeed, it is MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

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21 thoughts on “Travels Special: More Fun in the Philippines

  1. Beautiful photos Doc! Will probably check my photo albums if I have some to spare so I can jump in this meme craze!

  2. na-pressure nako matapos yung mga meme ko… hehehe!!! great shot doc wendz!

  3. Weeew. Love the landscape pics! It is indeed more fun in PH 🙂

  4. This was a very nice photography. 😀

  5. Stunning images Doc! It inspires me to create my own version of this meme craze. Sunrise, Serene and Carefree are my favorites.

    • thanks Bino! I am inspired by your photos and blog too. We share the same journey and I am happiest to have met you on the road in Cambodia.

      God bless you always

  6. ang cute ng baby playing on the sand,kakatuwa .breathe taking view ,it shows how much fun we really have in the Philippines.

  7. More than a bandwagon, it is a commitment for all of us, Doc Wends! Cheers to more fun journeys and travels!

  8. Fun collection doc! I should come up with my own contribution too, if only I have more free time… 😦

  9. i like the clarity of the shots, nice 🙂

  10. nice photography 😀

  11. Great photos… nice detail.. good color and exposure, all around well done!

  12. Nice compilation! It’s more fun in the philippines

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