The mysterious Wat Phnom

The Wat Phnom in downtown Phnom Penh

Sometime centuries ago, there was a destructive flooding that plague Phnom Penh and the only Wat that has not been submerged by floodwaters is now the mysterious Wat Phnom. It is believed that many have been saved through which the Wat stood and until today, it plays mostly the important role in Buddhist life and religiosity among Cambodians.

My day in Phnom Penh was winding off in favour of my trip to Siem Reap where I will visit the world’s famous wonder, Angkor Wat ergo I need to go and check Wat Phnom which is very near my hotel along Sisowath Quay. I was with my friend Sandap and he waited for me in his car while I managed to climb up the stairs to the famous structure in Phnom Penh after the Royal Palace.

Entrance to the Main temple of the Wat Phnom

The interiors of the Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is also near the sprawling complex of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh. It is very near the city limits and where people, young and old come here, gather in friends and family, then pray. Prayers are what I see in Wat Phnom and I am humbled. I was immensely captivated by Buddhist praying in Wats and this is no exception.

Legends suggested that the first Wat was built around this knoll when the Lady Phen saw four Buddhas deposited from the Mekong during the great flood. The Wat was built in 1373 and has been a pivotal structure in the lives of all Cambodians.

The grand Wat Phnom

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