DIY one-day jaunt to Bukidnon’s Lake Apo just for $11!

The impressively reflecting Lake Apo of Bukidnon

Bukidnon Province in the Philippines has a hidden jewel. This off-the-beaten path in the mountains of the province is a prized jewel among backpackers who are in the know where to go while visiting the province. Aside from its very fertile land where pineapples grow in acres of land and where people enjoyed the cool weather, rich cultural heritage, Bukidnon’s Lake Apo is just the right destination for the road-weary traveller and a day backpacker.

When I went there, I came in from the bus terminal of Cagayan de Oro City. This is my tip on how to DIY in Bukidnon while enjoying the best the province has to offer through its hidden jewel. Bukidnon’s rugged terrain is perfect for mountaineers and those who love nature other than the sunny beaches in the Philippines. 

This my reflection bench. Showing this to a group of university students in my motivational speech reaped raw emotions, students cry after I asked them to reflect what motivates them in life

Dawson’s Creek scene look-alike and its in Bukidnon

Lake Apo is located in Barangay Guinoyuran, in the City of Valencia. Its name has folkloric significance and its name is a derivative of the native’s moniker of a grandfather. Nestled in the mountains, it can only be reached by motorbike from the national highway of Valencia. The 12 kilometer distance is nothing when you see lush greens along the way and sugarcane plantations dotting the way.

In this one-day DIY jaunt, I only spent a dime for the treasure I saw. Here are the detailed expenses I spent coming to this wonderful beauty.

And the sun-dial clock tells me of time with pure bliss

How to get there:

  • The only airport near to Bukidnon is Cagayan de Oro (they have daily flights in and out from MNL-CDO)
  • From Cagayan de Oro Agora Terminal, take a Rural Transit bus towards Valencia. For this DIY jaunt, I and my friend passed by Malaybalay City so we paid our aircon bus fare for Php 130 per person. From Malaybalay, we took a jeep for Php25 per person to Valencia City.
  • The habal-habal ride cost us Php 100 per person roundtrip;
  • On our way back from Lake Apo, we went to the Doljogon junction and from there, went to drop by at Musuan and paid Php 5 per person taking the jeepney;
  • From Musuan to Cagayan de Oro Agora Terminal, we took the aircon Rural Transit Bus and paid Php 205 per person.
  • Total cost per person DIY jaunt to Lake Apo: Php465 or roughly around USD 11.

A clear vista of inspiring journey and that is Lake Apo

I ring and ring and ring, do you hear it? Take your moments there, now!

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9 thoughts on “DIY one-day jaunt to Bukidnon’s Lake Apo just for $11!

  1. Love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Glad to know you had a wonderful time in Lake Apo. More people should know just how beautiful Bukidnon is 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed your stay here in Bukidnon 🙂
    and yes I agree with dawsons creek in bukidnon!

  3. Lovely place, I am surely going to enjoy going to lake apo as I love water. Thanks for the breakdown of the cost going to Bukidnon.. I will put this on my next adventures!

  4. huhuhu. the lake apo we saw was nothing like this one. mura man mi guduwaan sa panahon oi. didn’t even see that wheel bench. this one’s too beautiful than what we saw when we went there doc wends! 😦

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