Profiling the French: Saigon’s Central Post Office and the famous Eiffel Tower!

The main entrance facade of the historic Central Post Office of Saigon

A city-walk around on New Year ’s Day brought my feet to the halls of the Central Post Office. Having attended the New Year’s day mass at the nearby Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon, I walked passed motorbikes and crossed the street to the where I stand amazed, the Central Post Office of Saigon.

The Central Post Office of Saigon is a 20th century architectural wonder whose influences dated back to the French’ rule on Vietnam and constructed by French famous architect named Gustave Eiffel  and is primarily of Gothic architectural style.  The common link between Paris and Saigon is in its architectural wonder. The one who constructed the famous Eiffel Tower as appropriately named and ceremoniously inspired from his wondrous works is the designer and architect of the famous Saigon Central Post Office. Two wonderful designs in two different continents and culture; one architect, whose dedicated work and superb architectural wonder produces a masterpiece that many around the world visits. 

The foyer of the Central Post Office of Saigon is also a haven for big sale!

Journeys and Travels is delighted to visit Vietnam and come to the manifold embrace of the cultural influences of the French in the Central Post Office of Saigon. Seeing it and feeling it reminds me of the famed and influential Eiffel Tower. I marvelled at how great its architectural designs are and the interiors, carefully constructed to provide an aura of grandness.

What I love about the Central Post Office of Saigon is in its detailed work on the ceiling and the over-all structure. I loved how Gustave Eiffel has meticulously incorporated his sheer architectural prowess on a structure that will bear a resemblance of the detailed metal structures like Eiffel Tower.

Uncle Ho smiles at the visitors to this historic Central Post Office

The grand facade of the Central Post Office of Saigon

This visit to the Central Post Office of Saigon on New Year’s day brought me much needed respite of what I see in the context of how Eat meets West in terms of architectural designs and its influential role to this present times. I was inspired and so does everyone who was captivated by the grand Central Post Office of Saigon!

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