Building Hong Kong: Amazing structures

Building Hong Kong means impressive skyscrapers towards the heavens

Hong Kong is undisputedly one of the best cities in the world to do business, find business and scout for business opportunities. This is what I learned after my plane landed in the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) from Manila. The buildings are clearly the domineering structures, awesome skyscrapers that says, Welcome! Hong Kong is clean! I agree. How building Hong Kong manages to stay afloat after the economic recession from 1997 up until today, is impressive. How they also relish at their grandeur as an Aberdeen which becomes the prized jewel of China, coveted by leaders, businessmen, workers and backpackers, is also a feat to bank on. 

Building Hong Kong also means greening the vista for the future! This is one of the expensive address in the entire Hong Kong

One of the few things I did while in the city-state of Hong Kong is to cover many impressive infrastructures and buildings around the city. Taking much on public transportation like bus and the subway trains, I am left enthralled as if these buildings speak of itself, its glorious history, its important place in the milieu of commerce in Asia and in Hong Kong. I can see how they placed strategically tall buildings to make the best skyline vista. To those who failed to see these vistas of what Hong Kong skyline is perhaps have a problem in their eye-sight.

Building Hong Kong also meant excellent accommodations and comfort as well as efficient traffic. Crown Plaza’s magnificent building in Hong Kong

I am taking much of the time to see beyond what many people have seen in Hong Kong, like Disneyland and the Ocean Park. Hong Kong is one hotspot for high-rise and impressive buildings that gives you spaces to also reflect at how your country, perhaps, yourself can learn from how Hong Kong residents live their lives each day. These buildings are impressive testament of the power of commerce and the ingenuity of men who dreams big and made a difference. This brilliance built over time and made to impress and I am not mistaken if I say these are blossoms of great economic minds and sound economic pursuits.

Building Hong Kong also meant the convergence of the middle class and the rich.

From where I have seen through the lens I am using, I captured a great city in Asia by day and those were perfect models for progress around her. She is the epitome of how grace under pressure is seen in how tall her buildings are and how beauty are woven from where buildings are stacked together and lined up to create an illusion that an economy should welcome tourism and tourism should be community-based and how its people are her best asset. Building Hong Kong is the best step forward since 1997!

Building Hong Kong represents creativity, optimism and vitality

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