Davao got Civet Coffee! The success story of Mt. Apo Civet Coffee!

The world-class Mt. Apo Civet Coffee from Davao City

I first learned about Civet Coffee, dubbed as the most expensive coffee and most-sought after coffee worldwide on several literatures and news wires. I have read through it and impressed. Even BBC in the UK, in 2006, has run an article about the best-kept secret of the Philippines in terms of the coffee industry. Initially, I never even considered Davao Civet Coffee! The brand is Mt. Apo Civet Coffee! I was wrong and stood corrected!

One day, when on a jaunt to Davao City and a host of JCI friends tagged me along to check the Davao Crocodile Farm, I went with their group and armed with my most idealistic preference for a must-see destination, I opted not to enter the farm for I have been there many times in the past and for the sole reason that I will never enjoy watching crocodiles not in their natural habitat. Caged animals are not one that I will be featuring on my blog, never been keen on it. 

Davao Civet Coffee: Raw droppings of civet which produced an aromatic Mt. Apo Civet Coffee

While waiting for them, I was exploring the periphery of the farm and saw a coffee shop beside the exit of the farm. Fronting the coffee shop is a stall that sells crocodile meat and those processed crocodile meat. I was enamoured to the smell of roasted coffee and the aroma just filled the air, though dampen with slight downpour, the aromatic scent just plucked my nose closer to where it was. I know they are selling coffee but never crossed my mind it will be Davao Civet Coffee, the coffee shop is owned by  Mt. Apo Civet Coffee.

Mt. Apo Civet Coffee raw coffee bean after it was air-dried ready for roasting au naturelle

To my surprise, the coffee shop does not only sell coffee but rather, the most expensive Civet Coffee. Mt. Apo Civet Coffee is accordingly roasted to perfection using traditional methods after harvesting droppings of the Alamid, a variety of carnivorous cat-like animal internationally known as palm civet. They feasted on red cherries of coffee and the acidity of the coffee is tempered in their digestive tracts and their droppings of coffee beans are worth gold. Coffee aficionados worldwide attest of the great taste of civet coffee. The coffee cherries fermented in the stomach of the Alamid and disposed off as their droppings made the coffee more balanced and aromatic.

Staff of the Mt. Apo Civet Coffee repairs roasted Civet Coffee beans manually ensuring its quality

The staff of Mt. Apo Civet Coffee showed me an actual droppings of the civet (Alamid)and I also asked for a pre-processed beans and sought detailed processing until the roasted beans are neatly packed and sold in markets nationwide. The 85g roasted coffee bean costs Php1000 (SRP in Davao City) while a cup of its tasteful civet coffee costs Php150 or roughly around $3.50, half the cost of the same in Manila, San Francisco, New York, Paris and London.

For orders of this best-kept secret coffee in the Philippines, you can call or text Mt. Apo Civet Coffee at 09236586042/286-8883.

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4 thoughts on “Davao got Civet Coffee! The success story of Mt. Apo Civet Coffee!

  1. yay! This is a must try when visiting Dvo! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Doc!

  2. jessaflor cagape koh

    wow suonds good….hmp…..i love coffee………..

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