Yellow Tree for a tea!

The funny cute little chef at the Yellow Tree

From the travels I do which has brought me to Beijing, to Hong Kong, Osaka and to Dagupan, the bottom line experiences were: tea and plenty of milk tea. I have had been on the road and one of those which keeps me afloat sort of, physically and spiritually is a good sip of my favourite milk tea.

I was first introduced to the concept of tea drinking while in Osaka Castle in Japan way back in 2009 and afterwards, the rest are history as I said. A year after in China, I was introduced to milk tea and my specific preference was with a green grass sinkers. I so loved it there that I was starting to search for it locally and internationally everytime I travel. 

The Milk Tea I drank every night in Hong Kong courtesy of Come Buy Me!

While in Hong Kong, I drunk the best Milk Tea with green grass sinkers and kept coming back even at the wee hours of the day. I just sit down on the streets of Hong Kong, sipping on my favourite tea, updating my facebook and my twitter friends about my travails in the great cityscape we fond dream about.

The outside cafe where cafe goers can have a serene quiet place

Returning to the Philippines, from Hong Kong, I went straight to Pangasinan and one day, found my best tea in the quaint, must-be seen cafe in Dagupan City! The Yellow Tree Cafe. I went there with my travel blogger friend Darwin Cayetano of trackingtreasure upon the suggestion of another travel blogger friend, a true beauty of Pangasinan, Mica Rodriguez of senyorita. My first must-have for the day in the Philippines is an excellent milk tea.

The staffs at the Yellow Tree Cafe are accommodating and speak very well English. They are conversant as to the kind of coffee bean they have and the kind of tea they sell. Most of them, I find cute and great salespeople. The lady suggested to me the Taro Milk Tea. Taro is akin to an ube-tasting milk tea. I loved it! When the lady asked my sinkers, I gladly said, green grass sinkers.

The cool staffs at the Yellow Tree Cafe

The Yellow Tree Cafe is one of the best places I have had been to in Dagupan City. Free WIFI and a faster one as that will compliment a good travel blog post which I wrote while seated, sipping on my Taro Milk Tea. When you heads up to Pangasinan, check this cafe! It is worth the time and each sip brings you closer to your dream and another blog post perhaps?

The Yellow Tree

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