Hong Kong by night, fantastic Symphony of Lights

Hong Kong’s pride, the Symphony of Lights

Taking the best of Hong Kong in is through what one see day and night. The best way to see it is through the beautiful Victoria Harbour in Nathan Road. By day, the one you see are the complete picturesque vista of what is most famous of Hong Kong, its skyline and cityscapes. I have never failed to appreciate it since it is entirely free. You just need to take on with you your camera as well as your feet to walk around after you have alighted from the MTR going to Tsim Sha Tsui Station. A little walk towards where the Hong Kong Cultural Center is located, you will be walking towards the Avenue of Stars and those nearby. By night, the Symphony of Lights just turn the entire cityscape alive.

According to the locals in Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour is where their heart is as a nation and as a people. They never tire getting there and many tourists and backpacking travellers marvel at how its grand beauty has influenced modern Hong Kong today, I am included. As I was seeing it from where I walked at the Avenue of Stars, I felt secured of the future of Hong Kong and how its society can progress more into the next millennia without worry of any economic hiccup whatsoever. 

The Victoria Harbour from the Peak

A natural formed harbour sandwiched between Hong Kong island and Kowloon Peninsula, Victoria Harbour was originally named Hong Kong harbour. Because of its deep waters, it has played an important role in the British economic interests in the region, from the South China Sea to Hong Kong. Appropriately named Victoria harbour after  the Taiping rebellion in 1854-1855. The Taiping warships were overwhelmed by the enormous British fleet under the flag and banner of Queen Victoria of England. Since then, Victoria Harbour has seen developments unparalleled in history.

The Symphony of Lights

I am enthralled by this!

If Victoria Harbour impresses you already by day, wait until dusk enveloped it. Daily, from 8pm and which lasts for 15 minutes, Victoria Harbour showcases to the world its famous Dancing Lights or famously called the Symphony of Lights. It has bagged the Guinness Book of the World Record for its impressive showcase of laser show on its nightly skyline. Hong Kong’s pride, the Victoria Harbour then is lighted up, inspiring many to see beyond what one sees physically in Hong Kong.

After having been convinced to do my own jaunt in Hong Kong, I took my camera and took the subway train (MTR) to Tsim Sha Tsui. Not to mention that it was my first time to board a subway in Hong Kong, I am excited. I bought my own octopus card for HK$150 (it has a stored value of HK$100). I speed off to where the station platform is and boarded my subway train. Arriving in Tsim Sha Shui is a breeze. I have had been waiting to see this skyline famous in showcases of CNN, Discovery Channel and the National Geographic.

The view of the Symphony of Lights off Victoria Harbour

I went straight to the viewing deck full of backpackers and tourists waiting for the show to start. I chanced upon some Filipino tourists and foreign ones too. We share the same excitement as we anticipated the showcase Hong Kong is most famous for. I talked to a Brazilian backpacker and we shared insights into our travels. He told me he just came in from Cambodia and is heading to Singapore.

The show started on time and it captured my heart! It literally blew me off my viewing deck seat. Seeing this for the first time, on my own, alone is reflecting. I never have realized until that eventful night that lasers and fancy lights can showcase Victoria Harbour more than it could be and the world loves it. I fell in love with it and stayed where my heart jumped for joy. I left smiling, fulfilled.

Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights is a Guinness Book of the World Record holder

Travel Tip:

  • Weather and weather check! The show is automatically put off when there are rains and typhoons. Best to go there when the clouds are clear and some whites ones forming on Hong Kong’s skyline.


How to get here:

  • From anywhere you are in Hong Kong, find the nearest MTR station and buy your ticket for Tsim Sha Tsui;
  • From the Tsim Sha Tsui station, get directed to the arrows that leads to exit for Nathan Road (Avenue of Stars) or to the Hong Kong Cultural Center;


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