Hong Kong Statue Square

The only remaining statue at the Hong Kong’s Statue Square

The famous in central Hong Kong in terms of parks is that one commonly called the Statue Square where its origins were as grand and rich as they are today. Originally built on a reclaimed area, Sir Catchick Paul Chater conceived the idea of having a Royal Statue square in Hong Kong as early as 1887. On the same year, on the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, her statue was erected in the square, commemorating her 77th Birthday and was unveiled on May 28, 1896. Soon thereafter, other royals have erected their statues and the square was named Royal Square, until the Japanese occupied Hong Kong and demolished all statues of British Royalty. Today, only the statue of Sir Thomas Jackson remains. He is the manager of the Hong Kong and Shanhai Banking Corporation (HSBC) and his statue was erected in 1906. His statue is the sole statue which withstood the tests of times and the destruction of the Japanese on Central Hong Kong. 

The famous landmark of Victoria Park from the Statue Square. Guess what that building is?

As I visited Hong Kong, I delved on the opportunity to see the Central Park where mostly Filipino domestics converged every Sunday. I went there on Saturday and it was raining as I alighted the subway MTR and as I exited to where the Statue Square is located, at exit K, I was greeted with familiar faces. I know they are Filipinos for they too love to take their photos in front of Sir Jackson. I took my way taking photos and talking to some of them for directions.

An impressive art installed at the Statue Square

Installation art in the Statue Square is a breather

The Statue Square is where most Filipino and Indonesian OFWs converged on their free time and I appreciated how the Hong Kong government has provided them the space since the early 1980s. I came to the Statue Square because I wanted to learn what I used to see on the TV news and breaking news on national and foreign media when they fielded reports from Hong Kong. The Square in itself is an impressive array of arts and installations for those who wanted to appreciate arts and culture. I also saw WIFI signs on telephone booths at the square but I have no one to ask how to avail of the free WIFI services for my IPad.

I just stood in front of the statue of Sir Thomas Jackson and wonder why his statue is the lonesome one on the park. I saw tall buildings and the impressive rails for the double-decker trams which are famous of Hong Kong are just on its adjacent street. I was tempted to hop on to the tram and ride it up-north or anywhere it goes as hoped but forgo as it rained and said, I have to go.

The proud statue of Sir Thomas Jackson, the CEO of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

How to get there:

  • Take the MTR train to Central MTR Station. Take exit K and follow where the arrow that directed you to the Statue Square or to Hong Kong City Hall.

Travel Tip:

  • For photography, go to the Statue square not on Sundays so you can have your time taking the snapshots unless you wanted to take actual scenery of workers from the Philippines and Indonesia.

A tram, one of the landmark transportation of Hong Kong passes by Statue Square

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