Sparkling Stars at the Avenue

Avenue of Stars of Hong Kong skyline

One of the touristy attractions of Hong Kong is the famed Avenue of Stars where handprints and names of Hong Kong’s as well as Asia’s great actors are forever placed down memory lane along the Victoria Harbour. One of those I captured was the handprint of Jackie Chan, China’s most accomplished actor and a role model. Jackie Chan seemed to be familiar in Hong Kong that jewelry shops abbreviated with JC (Jewelry City) is named Jackie Chan jewelry shop by unscrupulous tour guides. Making his fame most catchy was during the Beijing Olympics where Jackie played the role model of modern Chinese actors and actresses. It took me 10 minutes to locate the handprint of Jackie Chan at the Avenue. 

A Hong Kong local posed at the Avenue of Stars acting up

The Avenue of Stars iconic brass statue, the junk floating off Victoria Harbour

Next on my list are the handprints of Jet Li and Chow Yun Fat, two of Hong Kong’s best actors too who have successfully penetrated Hollywood, just like Jackie Chan. The avenue of stars is replica of the famous Hollywood’s Walk of Fame however this is the Asian version.  The Asian plebeians are famous and well-known thus the need to place them in the most historic of all places in Hong Kong, the Victoria Harbour. Their placement is important as tourists can also see the grand Victoria Harbour while locating their idol’s handprints.

What made this avenue important is the presence of people wanting to see firsthand their favourite actors’ handprints and names. The placements of handprints are such that one has to go through a maze to get to their next stop and to the next. Even in high-noon, the avenue is stemming with tourists and photographers. I have had the chance to be here and with my camera Travey, we took for the spin at the avenue and the Victoria harbour.

The handprints of the legendary Bruce Lee

As I have experienced it, the avenue of stars in Hong Kong projects to the world how important these Asian stars are to Hollywood mainstream movies and how Asia can cope up with the world. As I searched along the avenue, I remembered Ziyi Zhang and so I find her handprints but sadly, her handprints were not yet placed in the illustrious avenue. At the moment I searched for Ziyi’s handprints in the avenue, she was being investigated for prostitution in China which she denied. I am earnestly would have search every nook and cranny to see her handprints in the avenue. The guides told me Michelle Yeow’s handprints were placed at the avenue but I wasn’t able to find it. Of course, taking centerstage in the avenue is the handprints of the legend of martial arts, Bruce Lee.

The avenue indeed is a great tourist attraction while in Hong Kong and as I have told myself, stars sparkle at the avenue in Hong Kong!

Avenue of Stars famous statue

Foreign tourists flock to the Avenue of Stars

How to get here:

  • Take the MTR subway train to Tsim Sha Tsui Station and exit to Nathan Road.

Travel tip:

  • Go there mid-afternoon towards late afternoon for a relaxing walk through the avenue;
  • Wear your modest travelling attire as the avenue is besides Victoria Harbour. The heat of the sun is reflected onto the sea which made the avenue exceptionally humid;
  • Wear a good eyeglass when you go there on daytime; also, an umbrella.
  • Walk from the start at Nathan Road where the marker is until you reached the statue of the lady in the Avenue of Stars.
  • Unless you have enough money (HK$1500 penalty), throw your trash anywhere in the Avenue of Stars. Plain-clothes sanitary police will accost you right on the spot. For smokers, smoke in this place and you will pay a hefty (HK$5000) penalty.

Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars

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