Train-spotting Hong Kong

Here, I am trainspotting in Hong Kong

Everytime I go out of the Philippines and travel, I see to it that I take not a trip on a cab if there are subways or trains. This is what I have learned so much while I was visiting Japan in 2009. It is simply because subway trains are way faster, efficient and darn, impressive. I have, most of the time, when on subway trains overseas, dream that the Philippines will also have subway trains. What we have unfortunately are trains that choke up with teeming passengers. While in Hong Kong, I have done my hobby which I called trainspotting.

It was exactly a day after I arrived that I sought the guidance of the Hotel Panda concierge staff as to where I can take the nearest subway from the hotel. They are in unison in telling me that it will be the Tai Wo Hau MTR station. What I loved of Panda Hotel was its creative and efficient access to the subway station. It is just a 6 minutes walk to where the station is and I am right inside the subway station. Wanting to avail of a discounted fare for the MTR, I bought my Octopus Card from the customer care service kiosk inside the MTR station. My HK$150 Octopus card has a stored value of HK$100 and off I was on my first subway ride in Hong Kong. 

The impressive and artsy escalator going to one of the subway platforms in Hong Kong

The train arrives and the passengers await

What my impression of the trains in Hong Kong is its orderly and punctual accessibility. Wherever you are, at any MTR station, you can reach your destination with ease and comfort. I have noticed too that their couches vary on each line which is color-coded. Pink are for the Disneyland Resort line; Light blue is for East Rail Line; Blue is for the Island line; Light Green is for the Kwun Tung line; brown is for Ma On Shan line; Purple is for Tseung Kwan O line; Red is for the Tsuen Wan line; Orange is for the Tung Chung line; Dark Purple is for the West Rail line; Yellow is for the Light Rail and Green is for the Airport Express train.

The subway map of the trains in Hong Kong

For the most of my travels around the City of Hong Kong, I took the Red line and easily transfers to Light blue line and the Light Green line to get around the many temples I visited. Another impressive feature of the MTR in Hong Kong is its upscale interiors. Unlike the ones I am used to in MRT Stations in Manila where bare walls just greeted us with boredom and the humidity is drenching us, the MTR Hong Kong decorated its stations with paintings and impressive tiles. Passageways to and from one station to any of its exits are airconditioned. Even if I was walking around, I worry not of sweat and its drenching smell because the subways are sufficiently ventilated. Impressive still is that in the MTR Central Station, there are free WIFI signal that gives you 20 minutes free access. Awesome!

Passengers in one of the impressive couches of the Hong Kong subway trains

Schoolboys coming home from school awaiting our train

Best buddies playing video game while on the train

Different looks of love. The heart on the public announcement LED, the young couple so in affectionately love and an mid-age couple explaining out

Subway trains, people and art fusion in Hong Kong, aesthetically effective!

Hong Kong is the best subway experience I have ever had so far. In all my travels, I am most impressed of its kind staff, its Octopus card swiping power and its faster couches. Trainspotting indeed is fun in Hong Kong!

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2 thoughts on “Train-spotting Hong Kong

  1. Hope Philippines MRT, LRT and other stations would be as convenient and clean like other countries… 😀

    • Thanks Mavic, we have the same wishes. I will bet on my lifetime that Manila, Cebu or Davao will never get a subway in these times. Its too late already, reality-wise, it is also expensive to have subways to be constructed these days with so much development already.

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