Cambodia, the all inclusive cheapest holiday

This quote I made on a trip to Cambodia reminds me of my own dreams and my humanity

On a holiday jaunt to the Kingdom of Cambodia, I have found myself the most humbling experience day in and out. I have seen how blessed the country is, with its natural wonders, its rich cultural heritage and one of the best inter-country buses, plying out to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, it is, I should say my best destination for cheap all inclusive holidays. It is in the Angkor Wat that I saw my humanity with the deepest meaning. I found that Angkor has more temples which nourish my thirsts for culture, heritage and the great lifestyle of the Khmer people. I also saw the most perfect sunrise in Angkor Wat, one which I will forever be seeing through in my lifetime. 

I have seen Cambodia from its capital City Phnom Penh to its cultural juggernaut in Siem Reap, I learn to embrace the Khmer culture the most. I have made my first ever Christmas reflections at the most poignant of all places, in the Killing Fields in Choeung-ek where millions lost their lives. I have seen nothing beats the human spirit to break free and tell to the world how one, because of power, greed, illusion and sheer demonic perversion can maim forever, the generations   of Cambodians yet the world just stood idly by. I have reflected so much on what I have missed in my lifetime and those were during my tender years since I was born in 1976. I stood at the worse prison cell in South East Asia, incomparable perhaps to any torture chambers in the world in its barbarism, yet I find hope.

What made Cambodia stand out as my favourite cheap all inclusive holiday destination in its currency. A visitor to the Kingdom need not worry about money exchange since the mighty US dollar even rules in Cambodia. From the most mundane to the expensive boutiques, they accept your dollar. Thinking where to go to in the future, heads up to where your money has the most value, Cambodia!

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6 thoughts on “Cambodia, the all inclusive cheapest holiday

  1. One in my bucket list…perhaps a long holiday to really get a feel and taste of their culture…

    • yes that will be best! its far more rewarding pa to visit the places u wanted to teach yourself about the country, far away from the books which we usually get to read.

  2. this got me excited going to Cambodia. can’t wait to see the perfect sunrise.

    how much did you spend on the trip? 😀

  3. U dont need to worry about it in Cambodia since it all affordable there. The budget depends on where and what you want to see on the road.

    Happy travels Karla!

  4. OMG! I really need to achieve my Angkor Wat trip this year! Would love to see the sunset and emote hehehe!! 🙂

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