If you made it to New York, you’d made it anywhere!

I will make it to New York! Yes, I will

Scenes of Broadway and the song popularized by Frank Sinatra, New York New York just becomes irresistible when I dream of my American vacation. I will definitely visit New York to see how life is on its key streets and as I have seen in so many photographs, New York is best for street photography. I wanted to try that and because it is New York, I wanted to visit Manhattan and relive the movies I have seen which are taken from there. I wanted to explore Central Park and reflect on which way to see the best beauty which beholds, across the expansive park or see the skies above.

I have seen this particular movie I wanted to relive when I get my foot on New York. It is entitled “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” and as I was captured by its scenes, I wanted to explore New York’s important landmark, from the Central Park to the streets of Bronx, from Manhattan to the sacred ground Zero. In between, I wanted to see galleries, museums and public parks. Such is my dream of New York that as early as now, I am making a good itinerary of off-the-beaten paths in NYC to guide me through.

Like seasoned travellers and backpackers, I look for flights to New York which are cheaper and is according to my budget. I have searched many sites and compare prices, it all leads me to Dial-a-Flight and one which I will definitely do when I get to travel and should I be granted a US visa. I am impressed with how online reservations are made easy by just a flick of your fingers and your imaginations can fly across and in front of you.  If you are looking for flights to New York, visit www.dialaflight.com. As the song says and it still echoes on my head, “If you made it to New York, you’d made it anywhere!”

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4 thoughts on “If you made it to New York, you’d made it anywhere!

  1. I am in New York right now and started to love it 🙂

    • Alex, i just so love to be there. I wanna explore NYC and feel the beat. NY is just an inspiring city where many in the world’s history, from ordinary people’s lives to the powerful have happened there. Enjoy your NY jaunt. Keep safe alright?

  2. When you dial a flight to New York, head inland and come visit me in Chicago!

    • I will Ted, I will. Lets travel together ayt. Thanks for commenting on this. By the way, this is my new site now permanently. I made it easier to comment and share as well interact.

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