Las Vegas’ dreaming!

I dream of coming to Las Vegas

As a traveller who always plan ahead and dreams more, I dream of Las Vegas. I would love to explore the Nevada Mountains and try getting my feet on its rocks, its soil and experience the life that is “livin’ la vida loco” in Las Vegas. As much as I would plan ahead, as a backpacker, I will consider seriously getting my flight details on hand and plot where I should be from the airport. Aside from the flight details towards Nevada and in particularly, in Las Vegas, I wanted to arrange a hostel where I can stay. Even in my dreams, I plan ahead and look beyond tomorrow to easily familiarize myself of my dream destination in America. 

It is not that I am into gambling that I am fascinated to visit Las Vegas, it is the neon lights, the streets that nearly never sleeps and the feel of bursting colours that welcome anyone who ventures into its gated city. I wanted to experience it too. I got a taste of my first casino visit when I was in Macau, when I visited The Venetian and though didn’t played any game, I was mesmerized by its sheer idea of life.

Early on, even as I have yet to get my American visa, I am booking my flight to Las Vegas! As I have been browsing the web, I stumble upon a fellow travellers suggestion that in order to save up on a travel to the US, a good flight plan and a plane ticket price is a considerable weight for success. With it, I check on several website already and concluded that should you also wanted to go to Las Vegas, reserve Las Vegas flights online with Dial A Flight. It is a breather to book and reserve online for with it comes the hassle free and stress-free trip to the travel agent. It is an experience all together as rewarding as visiting Las Vegas.

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