Lai Chi Kok Park: Urban oasis of Hong Kong

The grand pagoda of the Lai Chi Kok Park


Right in the heart of the bustling cityscapes of Hong Kong lies a serene and tranquil park so aptly named, I could have stayed longer and gaze on the sky by night. I went to see Lai Chi Kok Park on the last day of my Hong Kong jaunt and regretted why I took noticed of this park only on the day I will depart for Manila. Needlessly, I was still able to manage my time to check it and an afternoon drizzle will never deter me from visiting. 

The grand vista of the courtyard at the Lai Chi Kok Park

The beautiful bougainvilleas at the Park of Lai Chi Kok

The Lai Chi Kok Park was opened in January 13, 1990 by no less than Dr. Philip Kwok Chi Kuen, JP. The park was strategically locatedin the Mei Fo station of the MTR train and an impressive urban park which can ensure a soothing experience was born. This park was inaugurated seven years before the Hong Kong Hand-over to China and the park really has so much of a Chinese-flare into it, not British.

Getting reflective in this park is a bliss.

A Chinese courtyard and a garden so impressive, I would have stayed longer

What I love about Lai Chi Kok Park is that they have lush greens, an oasis of peacefulness right in the heart of Hong Kong. It has a small lake and man-made waterfalls. The waterfalls beautifully cascades from the floors of a Chinese pagoda and the bougainvilleas are rendering beauty beyond par.  The park is also best known for its manicured gardens, its Chinese yards and an impressive vista of windows recreated from history. I can see an entire wall with a window that lets you see the Chinese bridge over the lake and it is breathtaking.

The bridge at the Lai Chi Kok Park

Locals converges at the Pagoda near the lake at Lai Chi Kok Park


Lai Chi Kok Park is the right place if you wanted to spend a day or night in Hong Kong to reflect, perhaps, stargaze too. It is a modern-day haven where you will find greatness in a Chinese park replete with anything you need for an inspiring day. Old people walk through the park, younger ones dated here. Young men collect fruits from the park, women sweep it clean. I am enamoured by what I see in the park, it is pure bliss.

How to get there:

  • From any points in Hong Kong, take the MTR train to Mei Fo station. An exit directly brings you to the Park.

Backpacking Tip:

  • Just wear your comfy shoes or sandals, go there mid-afternoon or morning time. The park has many trees and shades to relax.
  • The best place to reflect and stargaze in Hong Kong.

The majestic pagoda at the Lai Chi Kok Park

I never knew spade will be Chinese by origin!





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10 thoughts on “Lai Chi Kok Park: Urban oasis of Hong Kong

  1. beautiful. pwede kaya wedding dito? 😀 Love the last photo!

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous park! I was surprised to see it opened in still looks so new and perfect. Excellent pictures too, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Derek for the comment and yes, it does looked amazing. It was well maintained and serves as a haven for those seeking respite of the busyness of Hong Kong. I wished I had more time to spend there and reflect more. 🙂

  3. Awww I missed this park when I was in Hong Kong!
    The only park I got to visit in the city was Kowloon Park.
    It’s like a mini Avalon zoo, without the entrance fee. Haha!

    I wish I got to see this park when I was strolling around the city in the evening. Stargazing would be really nice here. 🙂

  4. It looks very serene! It reminds me of the gardens I’ve been in Shanghai.

  5. 1990? they surely maintained it well… I love Pagoda in parks …. it’s beautiful… a place to relax…:D

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