Unburdened by hope

When burdened, always remember this: “Carry your burdens with hope!” – Dr. Wends


How many moments in life you think you cannot bear everything that comes up to you and give up, throw out the towel and surrender? There are myriad reasons however, in this life, to carry on with life no matter how burdensome situations, people, events and shortcomings are. We tread with life with much less worries if we try to bring in more hope than worries. When you believe that you can make a better you and an eager you, life will be brilliantly ebullient! It radiates to others who believed in you too. If you are happy with life, so then the people around you will be.

Life, like travelling is full of unexpected turns and the road will never always be a soothing one, it has curves, steeps and ravines. No matter what though, just remember to carry your burdens with hope!

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6 thoughts on “Unburdened by hope

  1. gretchen

    i dont believe in hope but i do believe that God has something for me much more bigger … when i was not in Gods life … i would say i have hope to depend on, little did i know that if i do believe in hope nothing will truly happened unless i made a big push to myself that i can do it … yes life has unexpected results to each one of us just make a bigger much bigger push to do it then u not just hope for one but expect results … πŸ™‚

  2. when you dwell on hope, God is nearby to allay your fears of life and its attendant challenges Gretchen. It will and surely will. πŸ™‚

  3. AJ

    Hope. Sometimes it is clearly outlined on the horizon; other times it is shrouded in mist. In any case, I just think, “This too shall pass.” Thanks for the inspiring words and photograph, doc!

    • thanks for dropping by my blog AJ. I missed u na!

      it is a breather to space my travel posts with those I still associate with travelling but found to be an inspiring one for others too in our midst.

      Send my regards and hugs to your awesome Mum.

      • AJ

        Great idea for topic variety. You take photos that tell stories; this is a good way to make use of them. Truly inspiring. Oh, Mum is in the US with my bro. She’ll be back next year yet.

      • so ur left to your own AJ? I hope all is well with you and the family.

        Thanks alot for appreciating my photos. I have learned from other backpackers too at how they take snapshots for inspiring photoblog and I take them in earnest everytime I am on the road.

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