Outsmarted in Macau, good there is street food!

The Mysterious Castle of Macau

As I am more inclined to see castles, temples and palaces, I was in deep thoughts for what to see in Macau. I checked on TripAdvisor and some sites and in an instant, I came across a castle they call, Mysterious Castle. I said to myself this could be a must-see. Armed with a good research on the Mysterious Castle and a photo of it on my IPad, I felt confident and carefree, I would see it. 

with my friends in Macau and in my light trousers, Cambodian long sleeves and Yakan-woven scarf.

The moment I and my group went to Macau, I hurriedly choose a light fabric pants, Cambodian-long sleeves and brought with me my Yakan-woven scarf. My friends jokingly commented why I was on my pajamas as they were on trousers and what use for the scarf when it is all sunny. I told them, they have to wait until we reach Macau for it will rain. Little did they know that I was checking the weather forecasts already and it says it will rain. The scarf has a multi-utilitarian uses, for cover for the rain, to protect my DSLR, to hide it from the public when I am walking around, to shield me from the sun, to protect me from the cold airconditioning unit in buses and public transport. True, when we arrived in Macau, it rained. I get to uses my Yakan scarf and they told me I was lucky.

The facade of the fake Mysterious Castle of Macau

The first destination we went upon our arrival in Macau is fisherman’s village in Macau. When we arrived, I saw a familiar castle from afar and this I was excited. This is the mysterious castle I saw and this will be a fun day. I went to take on many photos of the mysterious castle and as I did, this young man was just checking on me and what I am doing. He looked sorry why I took pains taking photos of the castle. I went up to him and ask how old the castle is, and then he replied: It is just 6 years old! I was floored, literally my jaw dropped. This could have explained his sorry state awhile back when I was taking photos. Who constructed it and where it was copied, he never knew one answer. I was outsmarted in Macau and left in disgust!

Macau siomai for HK$10

Spicy squid balls in Macau for HK $10

Good heavens when we were hungry and no restaurant can take us in not until 1pm since we arrived past 11am in Macau. I saw street vendors selling food and it is where the fake “Mysterious Castle” is located. I ask for a siomai for HK$10, canned soda for HK$10 and a delightful, spicy squid balls for another HK$10. I was full to forget about my first Macau experience. Needlessly, I may have been outsmarted in this Mysterious Castle, surely, as I continue to explore Macau, authenticity beckons from afar.

I paid HK$30 for a streetfood in Macau!


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4 thoughts on “Outsmarted in Macau, good there is street food!

  1. Mukhang masarap yung shomai. At naibahagi mo na rin ang gamit ng scarf. 🙂

    • hahahaha and after I wrote it, I remembered you suggesting it. I will write a travel post about it and how my travel light captures the very concept of travelling which shapes me Leo.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. at first, akala ko kwek kwek,,,, hahaha! Spicy squid balls pala… hehehe!!! 🙂

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