Simplicity? One should live with it!

Rice paddies I passed by on the way to Ditoray Waterfalls

Taking on the reins of life is complicated if seriously considered but honestly, how can one live life in the simplest way? Live with it! As we are born in this world, we were cloth with nothing but love, affection and care. As we grow in physical and personal wants and nuances, we acquire sophistication that matches with our earnest desire to grow up (not necessarily growing old) to get educated, get high-paying jobs, get settle down and be stressed with so much and of course, with less. Many people I have seen, from the streets of Osaka to the alleyways of Hong Kong, to the sophisticated Beijing to the ultra-chic Kuala Lumpur, even in Manila, many of us, as we live life profile someone for ourselves. We wanted to be someone we are not that we stressed too much, cranking out opportunities and missing some finer ones, just to get to the top. I have said in the past, no need to be competitive with others but oneself. No fault too, at our desire to get rich but honestly, riches and fame, frivolous living are stressful.

What then is more rewarding if you still have as much to enjoy for the day yet you have countless minutes and hours, even days, to appreciate life and the beauty it unfolds. Just as we are waking up and walking down, how we appreciate simplicity is embracing how life is built on simple ideas. It was man who made the world too complicated that it was he also who complains of getting tired of it. Because of our propensity to be too competitive and driven, we overstressed. We overwork yes, of course, stressed but are we happy?

Simplicity then is to live by it, abide by it and dwell in it. Even in life, we need not complicate ourselves to make us look accomplished. Let us not overstress ourselves to make us look career-driven. Let us not dwell in too much on the crazy world to make us look cosmopolitan. Let us tread back to when we were children where simple things brighten us and make us smile. Like children, let us opt for what simplicity in life and living simply is enough to mean a day’s toil. After all, living is not about getting sick, getting stress, getting richer but rather, living is also about giving, leading, and forgiving.

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4 thoughts on “Simplicity? One should live with it!

  1. Indeed! I agree with you. Sometimes, bloggers, too scamper on exploring and conquering too many places just so they can be at par with others. I take life one day at a time. If a travel opportunity comes, that’s it! On life in general, we need riches, but it should not be the end goal. I know many people who have it all but they live very modest.

    Beautiful reflection, Doc Wends!

  2. Very inspiring Doc Wends!

    I’m the type of person who never stresses himself… I’ve learned to accept that “there are things we couldn’t change”. If things didn’t go as you planned it, let it be… just go and move on… live as if it’s the last day of your life and be happy!!! 🙂

    • that is precisely what we meant to be simple in our living. We can never be too stressed out for plans which do not work for if we do, it gives you nothing but worries and stress.

      I learned that from you when we travel together though and much more, though saglit lang tau nagkasama, I partly knew the man behind those smiles and the blog.

      God bless Mervz

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