Capturing the colors of the world!

“As we travel the world, we define not only ourselves but humanity!” – Dr. Wends

As an introduction, I believed that humanity is one big tapestry, so colorful that it breaths out life even to the most mundane and that flickers interests in many of our life’s journeys. Such was that tapestry that I indulge in the colors of the world when I travel and capturing them as I come and go. That defines who I am and my own humanity, never alone in the world but forever linked to those who travels in the road made dusty by the traveler feet ahead of us. I have indeed explored so does others and by so doing, defined humanity for us to live by.

My friend Simon of Manversusworld tagged me into his recent post regarding this awesome photo/travel blog contest we fondly call Capture the Colour Photo Contest of the travelsupermarket and as I see it, I am inspired to collate all those colourful photos I have accumulated from my travels here in the Philippines and the Southeast Asia.

For this rare feat, I am including not just one photo under each category of photos but rather, include others which I see are fit to be part in the colours they belonged. These photos are not edited and no post-processing have been done to the photos I captured.


Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

This photo was taken in the early morning in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I just loved this for the scene was surreal enough to evoke raw emotions of self-rediscovery and reflections. I went to Cambodia to spend the holidays and this one surely does inspire me to see the world in the hues of blue. I have seen my most perfect sunrise in Angkor Wat and the blessing was granted that I be in this centuries-old temple and where my modern perspective meets the rich Khmer culture.


Rice paddies in the Philippines

Green is the color of life and simplicity. This photo simply provides me a thought-provoking opportunity to assess myself and my decisions in the light of simple living. I took this photo when I was walking to a waterfall in my city. The most humbling experience I had is associated, forever linked with life.  Green to me is associated with how I see the life in the paddies, in ordinariness and how people, high and low, would still find happiness and contentment in simply living life the simplest way.


A faithful man walk towards the entrance of the CaoDai Temple in Vietnam

Yellow symbolizes for me regal and royalty in the midst of my rather mundane life. The first photo was of a CaoDai believer passing through the CaoDai Temple in Vietnam. He was wearing one of the three colors of their religion. I am enthralled by its sheer beauty. I have seen them wear their faith and while the world looks at religion in sheer black and white, I see verdant colors of yellow, red and blue.


Red candles at the Thien Hau Temple in downtown Saigon, Vietnam

The most memorable experience for me with the color which captures my heart and soul was in Thien Hau Temple in Vietnam. My recent visit there made me even plot where the next temples dedicated to the Lady Tin Hau when I went to Hong Kong and Macau. It made me realized that such an experience is an enriching one to give myself the best gift on New Year’s day.

This photo reveals the faith and religiosity of the Vietnamese people and I am enthralled by how they adored the Goddess Matzu and so I am bitten already.


The vista of the Lai Chi Kok Park, Hong Kong

A recent trip to Hong Kong gave me an opportunity to explore off-the-beaten paths and this one is the Lai Chi Kok Park, one of the best urban oasis in Hong Kong. I am impressed at how the walls are built with panoramic vista of the interior courtyard, the garden and the bridge. From the outside looking in, one sees immense beauty.

I am sharing this passion for travel blogging with friends whom I think has captured the world too. In this, I am tagging my travel blogger friends:

Ryan Brown of justchuckinit

Pam and Adam of Theweegs

Vicky Philpott of Vickyflipfloptravels

Gerard and Kieu of gqtrippin

Jeremy Bowell of Tasteexplorer

Chris of Aussieontheroad

“Life is verdantly painted when we live by its hues! – Dr. Wends

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16 thoughts on “Capturing the colors of the world!

  1. donzkee

    I go for the color blue. I believe that the color symbolizes infinite calmness.

  2. the Rainbow Mr. Wendz. 😀

    all the colors of the rainbow that God uses as fingerpaint 😀

  3. I go for BLUE doc. Love them all but Blue sets itself apart from the others.

  4. Very nice photos there, Wends! You’ve captured the colours in these places beautifully. Happy to tag you in my friend.

    • I am most happy to have obliged Simon. Thanks for appreciating the photos I shared. It was you started it, spreading inspiration everywhere.

      Cheers mate! 🙂

  5. It is because of fantastic photos like yours that I have passed on all my nominations for Capture The Colo(u)r Contest 😉

  6. Great piccies! Thanks for tagging me I’m going to start it now 🙂

  7. Thanks for tagging us! We’ve actually already captured the colour through food. Check it out!

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