Signed, sealed and delivered!

The banner which said it all!

The power of social media sparks across the Philippines like wildfires whenever we see abuse of people on hapless and helpless animals, whether dogs, cats or fishes, even whalesharks. In the past, violations of Philippine laws were blatantly violated when tourists and locals, with the tacit support of the fishermen in Oslob, in Cebu, feed whale sharks and worse, had locals and tourists taking photos riding them or touching them. Today, unfortunately, this continues unabated. 

This is an unfortunate photo of a local lady tiding the whaleshark, posted on her FB and still, unpunished.

Just googling “oslob whalesharks” in the internet generated 29,600 photos and the worse was of a local girl in Boljoon, who rode it. She was not punished for this, she was not apprehended and no formal charges were filed against fishermen, even the Mayor for allowing this to happen. This is depressing and has to be stopped.  To my surprised, even a contributor for Save Philippine Seas, Jenica Dizon uploaded a DOT slogan-laden promo-material for Oslob, Cebu, with a man touching a whaleshark.

is it really more FUN when you are harming whalesharks?

Like this fellow blogger, I advocate against feeding these whalesharks.

Enough is enough. This is not right. I am not at all, happy with what has been going and is going on. I choose to make a stand today and signed the petition of the Save Philippine Seas to remove this from among the destinations to see in Cebu or until strenuous measures are in placed to safeguard whale sharks, it MUST be emphasized that feeding them is NOT Cool, NEVER right thing to do and CAN KILL the whalesharks.

Pass this petition on and sign. We need your support more than ever.

Note: The photos here are not my own, they are from google searched results. I NEVER had been there and intend to go but NOT to feed whalesharks.

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