Waterful catching up with life

Every journey has got a sunrise, all the time! – Dr. Wends

I know, it is wrong to say “waterful” but as literary agents, we seek the license to coin words that best describes our posts as they come, similarly to the movie of Will Smith, “The Pursuits of Happyness”. More on waterful catching up with life, it defines my travels. No matter how I avoid it, I am drawn to bodies of water. May it be those you find in a basin, or the rivers, streams, beaches, harbours and a sandbar.

The following photos are what I took on the road and where I stayed momentarily. It captured the best experience I had with living life and catching up with the blessings which are aplenty makes me driven to appreciate life in such wonderful journeys. I am blessed with so much in life that I now would love to share it with you through these photos I captured along the way, mostly unorthodox but forgive me as I am not a schooled photographer.

What then is your “waterful” life? Cheers!

  1. I painted a sunrise (Fishport in Pagadian City, Philippines)

  1. Let me sit with you (Lake Apo, Bukidnon, Philippines )

On a reflective moments in Lake Apo, in Bukidnon in the Philippines

  1. Friendship as one (Bohol, Philippines)

One friendship, friendship as one. Taken in Bohol, Philippines

  1. Perfect sunrise of Angkor (Cambodia)

Perfect sunrise in Angkor, Cambodia

  1. Luxurious day (Panglao, Bohol, Philippines)

At the posh and luxurious Bluewaters Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

  1. I say peace (Vin Trang Pagoda, Vietnam)

Beautiful lilies at the Vin Trang Pagoda, Vietnam

  1. Symphony of Lights (Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong)

The Guiness Book Record-holder, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

  1. Serenity by the lake (Lakewood in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines)

The serene scene at the fabled Lake Wood in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

  1. I step My Tho (Upper Mekong Delta, Vietnam)

A Vietnamese lady on the Upper Mekong Delta, Vietnam

  1. The junk (Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong)

The junk just ebbs in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

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4 thoughts on “Waterful catching up with life

  1. I love the views! Very relaxing.. I hope I can travel too in the future 🙂

  2. very breathtaking scenery, dr.wends! =)
    God bless you always!

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