The Green House at Capitania Dos Portos

The Green House at the Capitania Dos Portos, Macau

One of the buildings in Macau which has a significant historical relevance is found near a temple and the Maritime Museum, along the well-known strip of buildings within the complex called Capitania Dos Portos. I came upon a structure built in August 19, 1999, the year when Macau was handed over back to China by Portugal. Macau, like Hong Kong, was former colonies of European powers, Portugal and Britain respectively.

Capitania Dos Portos, Macao. This house is just built awesomely

As I was walking away from the crowded Amah Temple, towards where the seawall is located, I am tempted to go to the Maritime Museum however due to the lack of time and because of Anita‘s insistence that we be loaded to the bus in a few minutes after seeing the temple, I looked around the park a little bit. As I was looking astound by the sheer historical Capitania Dos Portos, I am amazed at how structures were maintained since 1969 when the causeway was finished. Capitania Dos Portos meant “maritime authority”, in Portuguese.

The favorite section of the Green House, Capitania Dos Portos, Macao

The green-painted house which captured my attention at the Capitania dos Portos

At the right side corner stood a green building, two-storey building which caught my attention. I believed it is an office building used significantly during the turn-over years and the transitory years between Portugal and China. I was taking photos until I noticed the marker which confirmed my previous assumption: This building indeed was used for the office/quarters for the transition years and the turn over year of 1999. It sits at the historic Capitania Dos Portos in Macao.

Very much of a Portuguese influence in Macau

The house beckons the years where China holds the key to Macau starting in 1999 and that Portugal was once the innkeeper and a peaceful bidding resulted into a fruitful, cordial, and lasting bond of two mothers who shares the same maternal bond to Macau. It is coloured green and white, the walls are well-kept. The roofs are painted red and that matches the walls and the windows. The result was impressively clean, minimalist structure that resembles modern Macau.

If these walks and walls can talk, history will be told at the Capitania Dos Portos

The surrounding of the house was just awesome sight of people lounging on alfresco benches under the trees and I saw an old man awaiting tourists to take a ride on his rickshaw. My second temptation sprung up however I needed to go back to the bus where everyone was waiting for me; I was the last man to arrive. In afterthought though, I would have stayed longer had I a choice for such was a historical place and nothing really have sunk in into my consciousness about Macau. Later on, I regret having not explored much of what is Capitania Dos Portos beyond the Green House I have seen.

The rickshaw driver awaiting tourists for a ride at the Capitania Dos Portos

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2 thoughts on “The Green House at Capitania Dos Portos

  1. This one’s really nice doc! Love the architectural design!

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