Got curious on Curiosity, the epic Mars landing

The image of Mars from rover Curiosity from the twitter account of NASA

I can never imagine that I will be seeing this in my lifetime, the epic Mars Landing by rover Curiosity LIVE from the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I saw this one LIVE courtesy of and my dear friend Maria Ressa.

The Mars Science Laboratory, a $2.5 Billion investment by NASA has launched an ambitious Mars program with a car-size rover named Curiosity and remarkably, I saw it touched down on Mars and sent file footages of the planet. I am ecstatic and jubilant to see how the quest of man for higher knowledge can propel them to invest on innovative ideas to explore LIFE outside Earth and perhaps, even in Mars. 

The hardworking men and women at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

I am one of those 4.2 Million who watched this historic landing via Rappler

“Man conquered the moon, Humanity conquered Mars” – Dr. Wends  

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2 thoughts on “Got curious on Curiosity, the epic Mars landing

  1. I also watched the historic landing on television too.

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