Hong Kong’s Clock Tower sentry of the past in the present

The historic and grand masterpiece of Hong Kong, The Clock Tower

As I was coming in to Tsim Sha Shui to witnessed the Symphony of Lights at the Victoria Harbour, just beside the iconic Hong Kong Cultural Center is the grand masterpiece of all of Hong Kong, the Clock Tower. As part of the Kowloon-Canton terminus, the Clock Tower of Hong Kong was built in 1915. Since its construction, the clock has yet to wait years to have it started ticking due to the First World War, parliamentary debates on the costs of the tower and in 1921, Hong Kong saw the first official ticking of the Clock Tower.

Hong Kong Clock Tower

Rising above at 44 meters tall, the Hong Kong Clock Tower bear witness of the exodus of Chinese from the mainland who heads out to a better life overseas and in Hong Kong. Many have crossed this Clock Tower, many lives were of course, changed since then but what is impeccable of the Clock, it still continues to tick to this day.

As I stood, at night-time at the Clock Tower, I mesmerized at how this grand masterpiece have provided time to those whose lives echoes until today. Those Chinese who went from their homes to the harbour, manage their lives anchored on the ticking of the Clock Tower. Similar to that of London’s Big Ben, the Hong Kong Clock Tower transcends eternity and crosses generations and still is effective today as it was yesterday.

The Clock Tower of Hong Kong which has witnessed time passed through generations

The view of Hong Kong Clock Tower

I was in awe when I saw the monument of time in Hong Kong. Declared as a protected monument, the Clock Tower of Hong Kong rises up of the Hong Kong skyline with such majesty, pride and efficiency. It withstood modernity in Hong Kong, when in the 1970s, fresh new plans are laid out in Hong Kong and a new terminus is constructed in Hung Hom, everything on sight were demolished save for the Clock Tower.

Today, the Hong Kong Clock Tower stood the tests of time, spans through generations and saw the peaceful transition from Britain to China and continually ushered Hong Kong into the next millennia with its time. Time which I bear witness of and continually, still being use in the present day. As I told myself, this Clock Tower is the sentry of the past in the present and believes so, time is forever an eternity.

The reflection of Hong Kong Clock Tower

Hong Kong Clock Tower and the Hong Kong Cultural Center as a backdrop


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10 thoughts on “Hong Kong’s Clock Tower sentry of the past in the present

  1. I thought I was looking at National geo site. Stunning clock tower photos.. Inggit

  2. I love seeing clock towers, especially ones like these. I doubt we do them so elaborately anymore. Great shots!

  3. Right up there with Big Ben this.

  4. Beautiful pictures! You captured the beauty and history of this clock tower so well. Love that reflection shot!

  5. Whenever I had free time I would go to Tsim Sha Tsui and just stare at the clock. Nice photos by the way.

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