Travel Reflections: What inspires you?

“When we share more, I truly believed, our world will be a                                                  different place as it is now.” – Dr. Wends

As many of us, backpackers and travellers alike, will almost certainly encounter: What inspires us to travel and share? This question is what I asked to a group of students while I gave my lecture on a famous university in the Philippines and the reply I got was varied, most are valid and what struck me, with this particular photo, one of the students cried that it is his family who inspires him. I was touched by his raw emotions and the sincerity by which he remembers his family on the moments where he is far away from home.

So as a backpacker and a traveller, what inspires you? I am a simple man, with simple sources of inspiration. A recent trip to Lake Apo in the Province of Bukidnon, in the Philippines, gotten me the chance to step into a wide open space where I can think freely, unflustered and without limits. I took time to sit here while I absorb the awesome beauty this lake has to offer. I came, I said and I reflect, thus, I am inspired.

My inspiration on my travels are both places like these and sharing them to people whom I care deeply and whom whose inspiration are also my source of strength. I am forever dependent, I should admit, on the inspiration others give me in return. This world, I believed is one that is influence on how much inspiration we can give out to others and how much we are willing to share. When we share more, I truly believed, our world will be a different place as it is now.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Reflections: What inspires you?

  1. Nice blog… My inspiration ever since are my mom and my daughter. And most of all I have God to inspire me since the day I was born…

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