Reflections on the Road: Angkor Wat

A family on holiday in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

For the past years, my friends knew of my intention of coming up with a coffee-table book, a compilation of sort of those photos I took on the road together with my self-made as well as written quotations that best describes my perspectives of my experience. This is what I have learned while on the road in Angkor, one the distinctly defines my own humanity and coupled with my own dreams pursued while on the road, I have rediscovered my own self-worth, one that will forever lead me to where I knew I am most comfortable: my heart.

This particular photo is what I took of a family in their vacation to Cambodia. I love them as they passed by me while I am on my most reflective moments alone, by my own and on my own, in a foreign land, and just witnessed the perfect sunrise with them. I have been touched by how the parents to their children are making this experience for their family the most memorable one. I may not have known them, we are complete strangers so to speak but this one captured my heart and where I have taken it, I am well rested with the thoughts that I will and continue to be pursuing to live my life on the dreams I make.

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5 thoughts on “Reflections on the Road: Angkor Wat

  1. soulful and touching. =)

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