Buying Silver in Phnom Penh

Buying silver in Cambodia is just as awesome!

As had been customary for every travel, I bought a personal gift for myself for taking the leap of faith and conquered fears in travelling. In Phnom Penh, my Christmas gift for myself is a silver ring which has a wonderful dragon carving. My silver ring is worn by me the moment I purchased it in Sisowath Quay in downtown Phnom Penh and until today.

I choose the dragon silver ring for it is my Chinese birth year. I had been fascinated ever since and of the power and grandeur of my birth year. Since I am born in the metallic dragon, I bought my silver ring for $10 apiece and bought one before I heads out to Wat Ounalum.

The gracious Cambodian Lady who sold me my silver dragon ring

92.5% silver is what I bought for my dragon ring in Cambodia

Silvers in Cambodia are 92.5% and this one I bought simply impresses me of its craftsmanship. I never have seen anything like it and I am gifting myself, on Christmas day, a silver ring which will remind me of my Chinese year and the blessings I have received throughout my years of humble existence and travelling.

When in Phnom Penh, walk along the street from Sisowath Quay towards where the Wat Ounalum is located, you will find stores selling silverwares and silver rings, bangles, braceles, anklets and necklaces for very reasonable price. That same street also sells traditional Cambodian art and textiles. For this trip, I choose silver and bought my dragon ring.

The lady at the shop with two American-Koreans who also bought silver in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Silver, silverwares and silver everywhere. Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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4 thoughts on “Buying Silver in Phnom Penh

  1. These shops always intrigue me because there are so many of them, often close together and it makes me as a customer wonder how they can all stay in business and what distinguishes one from the others? As a tourist, it’s kind of overwhelming!

    • yes they are and I also wonder why. Some shops got buyers and some visitors but more so the same, they sell silver and textile. I loved what I have bought for me there though.

  2. I also bought jewelry in the border of Myanmar and Thailand. Loved it ang mura din kasi!

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