Travel Accessories: Hair, what do I wear?

Head, what I am wearing? This is the famous kid model Dennis Kane

Just recently, headware is making headway in the mainstream backpacking community as if getting one makes you known as a member of the worldwide community of backpackers. The trend actually is the modern version of the ones we used to see among travellers years ago, the perennial bandana where beautiful women wear to protect their head and hairs from the earthly elements.

My first brush with headware was on my way to Hong Kong and went to purchase one for myself at the sportshop in Greenhills while waiting for friends for dinner. I have never been a fond of it at first but when I saw its utilitarian character, the headware is a must for me, even as I go to the Office.

Among the travel bloggers who wears headware are some of the best in the community and they wear it like a badge, a distinct identity where they felt protected while using it and also, showcasing their beauty as they are on the road.

Recently, as a pairing badge, the PHL360 has used headware as their pair identity. The casts of PHL360 then made use of headware as a fashion statement, not one, but for the duo on the road. The designs and colours are the same for the duo and to me; it symbolizes the equality of the headware as a travel accessory. It can be use by both men and women, both of course, looked very cool!

Not having to rely on my own and perhaps, inspire you more, I asked some beautiful travel bloggers in the Philippines what they think of headware and how they consider it as their travel accessory. A quick rundown of how they use the accessory proved to me one thing: Headware makes headway for the better!

Lauren using her headware on a plane. Photo credits: Lauren Gaile

“I love headware because….. ummm… ok, i don’t really love it. I’d say it’s convenient as a hanky cause i can tie it around my wrist and not lose it but then it gets icky at the end of the day cause of the sweat and unless i bring 7 headwares for a week’s trip i won’t use it much (golly, who would?)…. Well, it’s ok i guess, but not something i’ll go out of my way to buy. :P”

Lois is sandboarding using her headware. Photo credits: Lois Yasay

“I take my Headware with me everywhere I travel because it’s the most versatile item I own. My favorite uses for it: 1 As a headband or scrunchy to tame my unruly hair. 2 As a scarf to accessorize simple outfits 3 As a sleep mask for the bus, train, plane ride and even at home!  Headware definitely keeps me happy on my travels!”

Doi biking as she travels. Photo credits: Doi Domasian

“I love HeadWare because of its multi-functional use. I can use it as a face mask to cover my entire face when I sleep during my travels. It also comes handy during those trips where the road’s too dusty. When I went biking in Pai, Thailand, I used it as a headband to tame those unruly locks and to prevent sweat from dripping on my face. I also use my HeadWare as a wrist band, scrunchie, handkerchief, scarf, and many more. It’s so light weight and easy to dry too, which makes it a perfect travel accessory wherever I go.”

Mich trail-hiking wears her headware. Photo credit: Mich Borlagdan

“Major reason why I use headware such as scarf and bandana is to keep my long hair from getting all up in my face. It’s very important for me since I’m always on-the-go and spending another minute or two just to fix my unmanageable hair is a big NO.  Keeping my face from any strands of hair during climbs and treks also adds up to my safety.”

Mhe-Ann wearing various headwears. Photo credits: Mhe-anne Ojeda

“I am fascinated with different types of headwears – hats, caps, visors, headbands, fascinators, wigs, bonnet, hoods, helmets, bandana, scarves, etc. – of different styles, colors and materials and so it is easy to spot me wearing one as a travel accessory in winter and summer. I feel that wearing headwears is an easy way to update my looks and add colors to my outfit”.

Brenna wearing headware as her top. Photo credits: Brenna Bustamante

“I can’t use my Headware over my head because my head is too small and it keeps falling off. Most of the time I only use it around my neck as a scarf or my wrist. But when I was in Malaysia and ran out of shirts that I could freely get wet without having to wash and dry, I decided to use my Headware as a top instead. Besides being lightweight, small and quick-dry, I can now use my Headware as an addition to my wardrobe. And you have to admit – it looks pretty stylish, doesn’t it?”

Ron wearing his headware. Photo credits: Ron Cruz

“My love to this multi-functional accessory started a decade ago, when survivor series popularized the tribal buffs. I started ordering them online, until a popular brand came up with their own designs. Initially, I just thought of sporting it just to give myself an extra oomph on pictures, to look more hardcore and push some (hold on to your seats) SWAG! But seriously, I realized that it’s more than just a fashion statement but a protective gear from the harsh environment whenever I am on the road.”

Rica wearing her headware. Photo Credits: Rica de Ramos

“I highly suggest bring yours with you when you go to Siem Reap. It can get dusty so I used it a lot as a mask. It also protected my neck from the sun as a neck scarf.”

  • Enrico Dee of  byahilo  has this to say:

Enrico wearing his headware. Photo credits: Enrico Dee

“Every time I travel, I never fail to bring with me several pieces of Headwear. I always use it as a headband to keep my hair tidy. There are also time when I just use it as a scarf or wrist band. What I love about Headwear is its funky designs. Depending on the mood, I can go out with a simple plaid print, or with the limited edition Marvel prints. Love it!”

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14 thoughts on “Travel Accessories: Hair, what do I wear?

  1. i recently bought one, then first time ko nagamit when i climbed Osmeña Peak in Cebu last Friday… i love it so much… soon, i’ll buy more designs… 🙂

  2. Aside from using it as a fashion accessory, my Headware functions as a camera “bag” as well, as I hate taking bulky camera bags with me. 🙂

  3. nice article Doc. although i love headwears i haven’t tried/bought headware. looks like a fun wear too! might try.

  4. thanks doc! i love my two headwares. 🙂

  5. Panalo sa headware si Atty Mhe-anne. 🙂 Lauren doesn’t sound she’s too high on headware lol.

  6. Hey, that’s great! But I can’t find any headwear that actually improves my appearance!! I guess I’ll just keep looking …

  7. when i was in cebu magaganda designs dun sa ROX. nag panic buying ako dun! bought 6 pcs + 1 in gensan!

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