Travel Reflections: Are travels expensive?

Remember: We travel to understand, never to be understood! – Dr. Wends

Just as what will entail journeys to be our first step to the world? This is the question hovering travellers before embarking on those life-changing journeys outside their own comforts. My answer: inspiration! I am inspired by other fellow backpackers whom I never even met, but read through their wonderful blogs regarding their experiences along the way, the roads they tread and the places they have had seen. These, among many key factors are what drive me to travel and appreciate each step in the journey as one that changes me to better appreciate life.

While others see travelling as an expense, I am looking at it as an experience to be undertaken. A rare opportunity to commune with people who you will otherwise, not meet when you choose to stay where you are. Another step is to also embrace new cultures too far from your own and perhaps; redefine your own perspective of how humanity should be as a light to the world. We are woven intricately to each other as I believed in the power of those whom we met will linger with us forever albeit in memory because we keep them in our hearts.

As I have travelled in the past years, I gained experiences that are full of rebirths. I am reborn when I met an old monk in Phnom Penh’s Wat Ounalum on Christmas day when he blessed me inside his wonderful Wat and before a great Buddha. I am reborn when I wept at the Tuol Sleng and Choeung Ek Genocidal Center, mostly commonly referred to as the Killing Fields, again, on Christmas day. I am reborn when I met a Cambodian lady, whose life was forever altered by a bogus love, sired with two lovely daughters and her experiences that brought her pains and misery remembering her beloved who also has a Filipino family in the Philippines.

Along the way, I have never felt tired spiritually and emotionally, but physically, yes. I have had experiences of painful cramps, blistered and tired feet but that should not be hindering me in our search for what makes me ultimately happy.  I see every journey as a beginning, an exploration of the world likened to the moments I first took my first innocent step when I was a little child. Now that we are of age, we discern those we felt and are subjected to live through in life by also appreciating that we needed breather opportunities to understand the complexities of life by making it simply amazing and liveable because we made ourselves the link to the world.

It is so because when we travel, we heads out to the horizon where uncertainty abounds but many rare opportunities for personal growth, self-rediscovery and renewal also are as astounding. In all my travels, whether domestic or overseas, I am forever grateful for the opportunity I took the first step towards my many journeys. It may never lead me to places with seeming permanency but leads me importantly to where I am most happy: my heart!

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2 thoughts on “Travel Reflections: Are travels expensive?

  1. Travel can certainly be expensive but I don’t think you can ever put a price tag on the experiences you have on the road 🙂

    • That’s what I also opined on travels. While others think it is expensive, I see it s an enriching experience no money can ever even put up with. Certainly, one an never put a price tag on travel experiences that empowers us who choose to be on the road.

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