Meet the Backpackers: Sonia Gil

Sonia Gil in Mexico. Photo credits: Sonia Gil

Journeys and Travels have this interview tradition with best travel bloggers and backpackers around the world. Today’s feature is a multi-talented, multi-awarded and awesome traveller Sonia Gil. She is a YouTube sensation with her Sonia’s Travels and some great tips together, she is now a superstar.

I catch up with Sonia and share this questions where she had generously supplied for your patronage and surely, be inspired by her travels. Below are what Sonia has to say about our Meet the Backpacker’s segment.

What are the best and worse experiences you have had while travelling as a backpacker? First off, I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a full-on backpacker traveler but I do like to keep things simple and enjoy the unique elements of each destination I visit. The best experience is definitely all about the little details that people tend to overlook. I don’t have many negative travel memories but sometimes I miss my friends, family and of course my little dog back home in Miami.

Do you go solo or in a group? Why? Usually a combination of both. I’ve gone on many trips solo and others with friends, family and co-workers. Traveling solo is a great way to really immerse yourself in a culture. It also forces you to meet new people.

Sonia in the former Community Berlin. Photo credits: Sonia Gil

Can you share to us what is meant to you by travelling light as a backpacker, in the context of both literally and figuratively? Although it’s tough to leave certain belongings behind, it’s important to remember that the less you bring, the less you will have to carry throughout your trip. There’s also such a thing called laundry and most hostels and hotels have them readily available.

How far have u been to your journeys as a backpacker, in terms of those insights you have gained? I’ve been traveled quite in Latin America and the Caribbean. I’ve also traveled and lived in both Europe and East Asia. Africa, South Asia, and Australia are very much in my future.

Were there instances you find yourself in the middle of nowhere? I got completely lost on a recent trip to Venice but that’s sort of the way I prefer to travel. It’s often the random streets you wander down that end up having the coolest restaurants and shops.

How is travelling as a backpacker to you in relation to your obligation to yourself and those who follow you, perhaps in this aspect, how does your travel inspire you? Since I love learning languages, that’s an important aspect of my travel. It’s essential to put your skills to the test by exploring neighborhoods where locals don’t speak English. Through Sonia’s Travels, I’m able to share my personal take on each city as I go unlocking the secret code of each place.

Sonia in Berlin, with the bikes. Photo Credits: Sonia Gil

What tips can you give to those who wanted to fill the earth by travelling? I admire anyone who decides to travel the world. There are of course many challenges and obstacles along the way but the overall reward is becoming a more enlightened and culturally aware individual.

As a backpacker, what was your most reflective moment? Last year I was walking around Yucatan and I stumbled upon the most peaceful square I’ve ever experienced. I just sat there for about an hour and watched as local life passed by me. It was a reflective and inspirational moment and a good reminder of why I love travel.

Looking back at where you had been for the last 5-10 years, how has travelling shaped you? Traveling has been a huge part of my life for the past 5-10 years. I’ve always been fascinating with learning foreign languages, and many of these I learned by studying in different countries. I spent a few months learning Chinese in China and went to Germany to practice my beginner’s German.

Sonia getting lost in Venice. Photo credits: Sonia Gil

Where is the best place you had been to recently that you have left your footprints (inspiration)? Last summer I traveled to Berlin, a well-known city yet one that I have never been to. I was instantly hooked and found myself constantly inspired by the architecture, art and bike culture that is seen in so many elements of local life.


Bio: Sonia Gil hosts a weekly original web travel series called Sonia’s Travels with episodes shot in Mexico, Italy, Berlin and Paris. Each trip turns into a series of shows in which Sonia offers a small idea or tip about a place and the people who live there. New Episodes Premiere Every Thursday at 12 noon (9:00 am Pacific) and new Vlogs every Monday.

Like Sonia on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Meet the Backpackers: Sonia Gil

  1. It’s my first time to read about Sonia. Nice interview and she’s pretty! 😀

  2. great interview.. what an accomplished woman. I am in awe!

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