Plagiarism, Dr. Jose?

The statue of Dr. Jose Rizal in Fort Santiago, Manila

This country will never learn, Dr. Jose. I would love to share my own observations, perhaps, rant to you about what has become of us since you left.

Dr. Jose, since when is plagiarism becomes a norm even to your days? Were your works plagiarized by the Spaniards or did you ever plagiarized? It was harder to understand your Noli Me Tangere and I doubt if you plagiarized it like most people nowadays do. Is it really acceptable to plagiarized Dr. Jose?

The saddest turn of events in the Republic Dr. Jose were those instigated, not of the electorate but of those whom we voted and supported, in fact, those whom we seek inspiration and admiration. We have had seen Mr. Justice plagiarized, a CEO plagiarized, an artist plagiarized and a senator, plagiarized. What made it worse Dr. Jose, theirs were not a crime? Was it? Is it? Dr. Jose, will this cycle of ignorance and lack of creativity continue to plague us and your dreamed republic?

As I have said in my previous letter to you Dr. Jose, this country has changed alot since you left. This country has evolved since the times but never paced with the times. Though we elect officers of state, we only do so in such dizzying frequency, the old becomes new and new becomes cold and old, the cycle continues on and our politics are likened to a viand in the fridge, though re-heated, tastes bland. Dr. Jose, is our republic run out of new minds, new bloods we kept on patronizing the old and the docile to the past?

Dr. Jose, our leaders are great but they are slow with the times. They are brilliant but they lack the drive, the zeal to unlock the floodgates of time. Did you know Dr. Jose that mostly of us now love to rant on the net. โ€œNetโ€, Dr. Jose is not Nanette or Susannete or a brunette but the internet. Similar to what you do, we express our opinions and millions of minions just simply share and tweet on the net. We are free, this is freedom Dr. Jose. We are free to write about our passion or our fashion, our travels or our travails, our fears or our tears, our politics or relishes on those in politics. This is, Dr. Jose, just like your time, albeit different, we are widely read, understood and proved.

But Dr. Jose, is plagiarism not a sin? If it is not a crime, is it not a sin? Will you like to be quoted anonymously Dr. Jose, and interjected in political discourse without attribution and take it not akin to a sin? Is it how democratic principles of debate and public discourse take its course, Dr. Jose?

Well, as we are empowered by the passion that drives us Dr. Jose, those who misunderstood us curtail us and against the very ideals you espoused centuries passed, regulate us? Is this then necessary Dr. Jose? It was indeed worse than you had in the Spanish era Dr. Jose. It seems Dr. Jose that our fate, our freedom you once won and solidly espoused; will be stripped of essence. Dr. Jose, is it then worthy to write about this country or our pain for this country?

Had the gods only gracefully bestow u a century of life, you will see Dr. Jose, this shameless parody!

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8 thoughts on “Plagiarism, Dr. Jose?

  1. wow, this is one of the best bog I’ve ever read..:D

  2. Riveting argument! Good read.

  3. Since we’re away from Pinas, nakikibalita na lang ako through social media. Kakakoka si Tito, gagalit talaga si Rizal nyan.

    • grabe nga Gay. Nakakahiya. Unlike Sen. Tito na may parliamentary immunity whenever he speaks against bloggers, dun na lang ako kay Dr. Jose Rizal magsumbong at mag-rant haha.

  4. Nice one Doc Wendz. I love it. You really write well, and admired that. Hopefully that you will be our speaker soon. BTW, I already organized a group here in Bukidnon, and named it as Bukidnon Photography and Bloggers Society. We will invite you soon for a speakership. Would suggest a topic? like you did in Iligan City? Or we will prepare a topic for you? Travel Blogging?

    • thanks for the speaking invites Sir Bonz. I am more inclined to talk about travel blogging, inspirational posts and those we bloggers share the most, how we make a difference to the world through what we write and see/capture in our lens.

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