My top 3 travel memories!

“May your travel lightens up those who follow you!” – Dr. Wends

Being one who thrives on many occasion to inspire and get inspired while on the road, I said yes when I was invited to join in one of the best blogger’s story relay being hotly pursued courtesy of In this inspiring relay, Purple Team led by our Team Captain, Neil of Backpacksandbunkbeds will share our three (3) best travel stories and is ranked in Olympic medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze.

In particular too, for this awesome travel blog relay, I was asked by my good friend, Simon of Manversusworld to join in the fun. The three of us then agreed on the dates and now I am excited to share with you too how inspired I was when I traveled.

Receiving the baton from Lucy of Ontheluce and I will carry on the relay. Greatly inspired and I share this one which I truly believed will keep me reminded to be on the road all the time and take the time off things and enjoy life the fullest.


I am one kind of a traveler who gets drawn to where history and antiquities evoke a sense of aerie nostalgia for locals and visitors like me whom they taught as I visit. When in Hong Kong, I came across this lovely quaint place called Upper Lascar Road and it just burst in wonderful history and the richness of it, is still being felt today. Mostly, tourists and backpackers come here to find rare antiques, from paintings, to bowls, to clocks, and shoes.

haggling is understood here. Hong Kong

The memorable thing about the Upper Lascar Road is its great value for your penny. Here, the haggling starts to be the best merchandizing ploy which is still very useful. I have seen many ladies haggle for bangles and bracelets; some took photos and some tried antique watches.

What time is it? Hong Kong’s Upper Lascar Row

It is believed that in the early times of Hong Kong, the place is where you find stolen possessions of locals and Englishmen who come to visit the territory. It is believed that the place also is where pirates lived the day and where muggers roam around freely. Today, it has become a authentic place for antiques in Hong Kong.

A young lady tries on an antique watch at the Upper Lascar Row, Hong Kong

Read more on Upper Lascar Row here:


While visiting Vietnam, I am already mesmerized by the essence of religion and how I am more inclined to see a rare congregation which mixes the three major religious sects and are now popularly known as the followers of Cao Dai.

The faithful adherent to the CaoDai sect, Vietnam

The entrance to the Cao Dai Temple, Vietnam

In seeing how Cao Dai is being practiced until today, one has to transport himself which I did, to a place where the Cao Dai Temple is located. Upon arriving at the Holy place for Cao Dai followers, we were briefed that taking photos inside is allowed during the ceremony sans self-portraits or group pictures, just the view and the impressive beauty of their tradition. On the lighter note though, we were told that we are allowed to take photos, as many as we can, outside the temple.

We can only watch inside and take photos of them, not of ourselves. Cao Dai Temple in Vietnam

Cao Dai Temple on noontime religious ceremony

The fanciful experience I have had while visiting the Cao Dai Temple is its saints, all three of them are known worldwide. I was wondering and ask our guide, why Frenchman and poet Victor Hugo was a saint here. I got no answer!

Read more on Cao Dai here:


While in Cambodia for the holidays, I just want to immerse myself in its many temples and Angkor Wat just impresses me and left me, even until today, awe-struck. As I and my tuktuk driver navigates the Angkor complex, I am just blending in with the tourists going from one temple to the other, after all, I am on my lonesome and a backpacker needs company, so I opined.

Ta Phrom’s most prominent photo-ops site, Cambodia

I came to the temple where Angelina Jolie took the world in the spin for the film Tomb Raider, Ta Phrom. As I was taking photos of the temple, I can across a tourist policeman and he saw me just by myself and taking photos. I have no idea why he approached me and called me in. I went to where he stood and he asked if I am all alone, I affirmed. He told me he got secrets he will show me since I am on my own. I easily will believe a local when he says a secret is about to be revealed.

The first less-of-secret since everyone knew already was the echo tower. He asked me to join him inside the tower and he leaned his back on the wall, motioning me to also do the same. He then beat his heart and his heartbeat echoes through the tower. The stronger the echo, the stronger you become and so I tried. I hurt to beat your heart though the experience is exhilarating and inspiring. It humbled me really.

Ta Phrom gigantic roots, Cambodia

The secret he told me about which others have missed while visiting Ta Phrom is the location of the dverapala which Angelina Jolie took many shoots at the movie Tomb Raider. We went inside the complex of Ta Phrom, navigating against the stream of tourists and he just left me stood by a corner and he ask me to look to the mammoth tree in front of us. There, I saw the dverapala and to my amazement, it was indeed what was hidden inside the Ta Phrom.

The secret I have seen courtesy of a local

The experience really made me dwell on how a local can be the best guide even in places where celebrities showed on the movies. I am enthralled and captivated as I went near it.

Read about my experience in Ta Phrom here:

I know you will have many inspirations on the road and so do I. As a backpacker, I believed that I travel to get inspired and sharing those inspirations to those who believed that live is too short to worry too much about mundane things and it is on the road that true happiness will be most felt. As I let my pen rest for this relay, I now pass the baton to Steve of

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8 thoughts on “My top 3 travel memories!

  1. Great choice for gold – Angkor Wat – cant wait to go there next year. I’ll try as best I can to find the dverapala.

    Your Bronze choice is also very interesting. I’m sad I didnt find the Upper Lascar Row, it looks great. All the clocks and watches make me think of the Portabello Road in London, but I’m sure the two are very different.

    Great Entry, thanks for being a part of #teampurple

  2. Beautiful photos. isnt hong just amazing? Next time you go there make sure you visit the other islands like lamma Island and Chueng Chau….definately a different experience to the hong kong that we know of!

  3. lovin the first picture
    very subtle.

  4. Great memories, Wends! I had a feeling Angkor Wat would feature prominently and I was not disappointed. Go Team Purple!

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