Panaderia Antonio, where bangus is incomparably the best!

The facade of the Panaderia Antonio in Pangasinan

My jaunt in Pangasinan will never be complete if I have not tried the world-famous and best bangus in the Philippines right in the heart of the province which pride itself as the Bangus capital in the country. Bangus is a variety of freshwater fish that is so delicious; it is a gastronomic delight for those on the road and visiting the province.

Panaderia Antonio in Pangasinan

Being a bangus eater myself in our humble home, and even to some carenderia when I was in the university in Iligan City and in a trip to Davao City. After eating the Bangus in Panderia Antonio, I say it is indeed the best, incomparably. Not in my own home, my Iligan City and my Davao City, but in my Pangasinan, the bangus here are king and I mean no joke, it is indeed the best and you must try getting one, you will be craving for it hours later.

The chic interiors of the Panaderia Antonio, so homey honey 🙂

We were at the Panaderia Antonio when our travel blogger friend/fashionista/beauty queen-material/ramp model material and the generous host, the svelte Mica of Senyorita offered us to a dinner before we heads back to Manila. It was a fulfilling day we have had sightseeing Pangasinan’s churches and we just came in from a quick tour to the Apo Baket in Manaoag to Calasiao Parish Churchand then had my best taro milk tea at the Yellow Tree. We need a great dinner and I want a bangus, nothing else on that eventful night. Then bangus we had and the gastronomic delight kicks in with a few reminiscing of churches and sharing anecdotes of the feisty Darwin’s encounter with an old man who mistook us for a spy in a church ruins, simply because, we have cameras dangling on our necks.

The waiters preparing the menu at Panaderia Antonio

Panaderia Antonio as I was told was built early on as a bakery and expanded to accommodate regular customers and had to add up resto concept. What I love about Panaderia Antonio is its chic ambiance. Its hardwood tables and chairs are as inviting for longer-than-usual dining-because-you-are-catching-up thing. It is the best place to catch up with life when the world outside it is so fast-paced and people are in dizzying state of hurriedness. It is like a cocoon where you can just simply relax, banter about life a little and enjoy life.

pastries being sold at the Panaderia Antonio

It also has an impeccable appearance for a bakery-cum-resto concept. I love the wooden table for which they mead dough to make breads. The muffins they baked, fresh from the oven, is so lovely to the taste.

freshly baked muffins at the Panaderia Antonio

The world-famous Bangus in the Philippines can be found in Pangasinan and I found it in Panaderia Antonio


This bangus is what I craved since I left Pangasinan 🙂

My night in Pangasinan was made memorable for the wonderful dining experience and to cap it most, we were recipient of the kindness of Sir Antonio, the owner of the Panaderia Antonio when he sent us off at the nearby terminal. Indeed, the best bangus is the Dagupan bagus!

French bread in Panaderia Antonio is just an awesome sight. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Panaderia Antonio, where bangus is incomparably the best!

  1. the best boneless bangus ever! 🙂
    timing, bangus ulam ko kanina, pero sa jolibee..haha!

  2. the Bangus looks terrific.. and if it’s boneless.. i am SOLD! Hate eating anything with tons of bones in it LOL! 😀 Great shots. this is on my eat list if I go to the Phils!

  3. Wondering about it. I;m very biased against bangus and only really like it daing-ed and boneless. I don’t like bangus in soup dishes or plain fried – it’s ok pero the himay process is nakakalowwwka.

    But natuwa naman ako sa pagkaboneless ng sayo! lol. nice find, doc! 😀

    saka, yung sawsawan mo doc, it looks like it’s smiling back at you!

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